A big slowing down for Deep Beyond in issue #2: ADVANCE REVIEW

Writers: Miaka Andolfo, David Goy, Artist: Andrea Broccardo, Colourist: Barbara Nosenzo.

Paul and Jolene are being chased by the huge sea creature that surprised them as soon as they stepped foot outside the colony. They will definitely need help if they are ever going to out run or defeat this monster. Luckily for them they are rescued by an underwater truck which is being piloted by the remaining members of the team outcast from the system and looking to save Pam, who is still trapped. They are all from different colonies, all of them coming together for the same goal: to get to Pam. However, they will need Paul and his access to unguarded submarines. But they are about to find out they are unguarded for a reason.

After the speedy start to issue 1 this was a slower pace. Unfortunately, I think the team may need a few issues to find their feet. As described in the review for the first issue, there was so much going on that it got confusing. Having a big world and a rich history doesn’t automatically mean that it’s perfect. To access that information we need to be fed it methodically. So with too much happening in issue 1, they needed to slow things down and create the character development in issue 2. This unfortunately has lead to a very passive book. This is evident when one of the characters died...and it just didn’t resonate with me. I didn’t get enough time to care for that character, so it didn’t feel like the loss that it should be to the team.

This aspect of the writing is a shame, because it’s obvious they have spent so long getting a universe together, to then fall with the first two issues where too much information is put into the first, then not enough is in the second. This just makes me feel for the creative team, and I hope they find their feet and can create a balance within the next 2 issues. There is nothing wrong with building the universe as you go through the series. Kieron Gillen has mastered that with his amazing series Die. (See reviews of Die on the COMICS page on our website, written by Taheg Gloder). I hope this creative team can see this before they stumble their way through all 12 issues of what could be a fantastic story.

Artistically, at first I found it very cartoony and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why it felt so different from the last. Then it hit me, I was comparing this whole issue to the opening few panels of the series. Where it’s very dark and the water is seeping into the “ship”, then we have the monster on the “windshield”. After this, the art gets lighter in both tone and colour, which I never really noticed until the beginning of this issue, where the opening felt like a Saturday morning cartoon of people running away from a monster. Despite this “cartoony” feel, I still enjoyed it and thought some of the panels looked great. I also admire the way that the space on the page is played with, as you can see from the first picture.

Overall this issue felt like it needed to happen for the characters, however I’m still disappointed in such a rich backstoried series for them to fail to deliver a balance. This I hope will be resolved as I really do like the concept, and am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Deep Beyond #2 will be released on 10th March from your local comic shop as well as comixology

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