A blazing, glow-in-the-dark skull is the Retro Cover Of The Week: Ghost Rider #15 from 1991.

Ghost Rider #15, 1991, Marvel Comics, Cover by Mark Texiera.

The POP Retro Cover Of The Week continues its examination and celebration of iconic comic covers from the 1970s through the 2000s, this week returning to the Nineties, a decade when the speculative market exploded, full of #1 reboots and gimmick covers, like this glowing example from 1991.

Cover variations for individual issues, including gimmick covers, were created to encourage collectors to purchase them all, for speculative reasons, or just plain FOMO. Multiple cover variations weren’t limited to Number Ones or milestones issues either. Gimmick covers could pop up any time during a comic’s run, like Ghost Rider #15, which had several variations, including a black cover, metallic gold ink cover, both with glow-in-the-dark ink. I fell for it and bought both.

Ghost Rider #15 featured a close-up portrait of the title character in Mark Texiera’s signature detailed style. Turn off the lights, and his blazing skull glowed in the dark. Finally, an appropriate use of glow-in-the-dark ink as the POP Retro Cover Of The Week!

Next week: A cover from the 2000s!

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