A crazy new element is added to the DCU in "Haywire" Superman & Lois E4

“Why Smallville?” —Lois

The final scene of this week’s episode, “Haywire,” answers Lois’s question to Morgan Edge, about why he chose this particular small town and its mine when there are so many other options. The answer is startling, and literally introduces a new element into the DCU. See more in the SPOILERS & THEORIES section below this review.

Lois’s feud with Edge reaches Defcon-1, with threats of lawsuits from both sides. Taking down Edge, along with his as-yet-unknown-secret agenda, is her ongoing mission that will occupy her half of the Superman & Lois hour. The flashback to 6 years previous only adds to the Edge mystery.

Lois’s relationship with her father took a big step backward this week, after he gave his grandsons some advice that she didn’t appreciate. She bravely stood up to her overbearing father and called him on his BS, and said if he didn’t back off, then he wouldn’t be welcome in their home any longer. How many of us wish we could have given our parents a lecture like that one? I could imagine a lot of fists being pumped as that scene played out. One of the bad aspects of this spat is Gen. Lane’s decision to open a special division devoted to taking down Superman, if it is ever needed. Brought on, in no small part, by the suggestions of Captain Luthor (who is not seen in this episode).

The "Don't tell us how to raise our kids" speech

“Haywire” most likely refers to the developing abilities of a Smallville Crows football player injured by an explosion at the teenage party at the mine. His broken arm has begun to vibrate wildly and the effect is spreading, to the point that it endangers others. Why is this happening?

Love seems to be in the air this week, as the budding romance between Jordan and Lana’s daughter Sarah takes another step forward, Lana has a newfound appreciation for her often-jerky husband, and just when Lois “complains” about the loss of romance in her own marriage, Clark pops a nice surprise for her to let her know how important she is to him, despite recent appearance. It’s all very warming and positive; a feel-good series of scenes that are becoming the heart of this series…a series that is about hope, at a time when we really need it IRL.

Don't look...Mommy and Daddy are making up.

A well-timed, romantic surprise.

Jordan’s talk with Sarah at a party is alternately sad and touching. Now that he is accepted and admired on and off the football field, his anxiety is gone, and he finally feels happy for the first time that he can remember. Now it’s his popular brother Jonathan’s turn to feel inadequate and insecure about his brother’s football success and fame, although he admits it to Jordan and handles it better than could be expected for most teens. Jordan and Sarah talk about a theory I have had since high school, that popular kids don’t have to develop social skills, since their popularity is a given because of physical beauty or athletic ability. It’s the “disaffected” youth, as Sarah refers to herself and Jordan, that have to learn the skills to climb the social ladder.

Superman's battle with Killgrave is short, but oh-so-sweet.

There’s only one Superman action scene this week, and it involves the prison transfer escape of a brilliant criminal named Killgrave, who unleashes a powerful sonic device on Superman. Once again, the special effects are movie-quality, including a SuperClap concussion wave that is very well-produced. He is quickly dealt with and captured. What purpose did he serve in the overall plot?

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What importance does the emergence of a super-powered teen have? Will others follow? Does this have anything to do with the introduction of X-Kryptonite beneath Smallville in the final scene? Does X-K give humans superhuman abilities? If so, will this be a re-tread of Kryptonite giving people superhuman abilities, as seen way too often on Smallville?

In the flashback, what was the mysterious object that fell to the earth six years ago? And how did Edge know where it was going to fall, and precisely when? Whose “resurrection” is beginning? In the 1970s DC comics, Edge was introduced as an agent of the megapowerful alien Darkseid. Could it be his resurrection?

Edge’s sidekick has obviously already been exposed to K-X, as well as the giant from last week, presumedly. He may have been a "Non"-red herring. There may not be any loose Kryptonians, after all.

So WTF is X-Kryptonite and what does it do?

Boy, it sure does rain a lot in the part of Canada where Superman & Lois is filmed, doesn’t it? Every football practice and game is a soaking wet, muddy mess.

Gen. Lane’s callsign for Superman is “Bishop Six,” perhaps a reference to the famous checkmate move with “minor” pieces in the Immortal Game of chess from 1851. Also referenced in the movie Blade Runner.

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