A DEADLY time warp wreaks havoc on Greendale in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S4E6

Mambo Marie in the Spellman Cemetery

There is so much that needs to be unpacked, so let’s dive right in. First of all, Roz is a witch! Her female ancestors may have all been witches, but in order to keep themselves alive, they had to refer to their power to sense when something seems wrong as a “cunning” ability. Almost like a sixth sense. Once Roz accepts this revelation, it is as if she unlocks the full strength of her power by mystifying even Prudence with her shocking abilities. Immediately, Roz jumps into the fight against the Eldritch Terrors and she fits right into the coven, almost like she’s finally home. Even with so few episodes left to the series, the hope is that Roz comes out of this like the shining star she is.

Lucifer Morningstar on the throne of Hell

Wow, Lilith actually did THAT. So unfortunate, but in hindsight her actions should have been expected. After all, she did name her child Adam after the mortal beau of Ms. Wardwell with whom Lilith fell in love. The gruesome reveal to Lucifer did not go as expected. Luke Cook, who plays Lucifer, and Michelle Gomez as Lilith, act out such a heavy, anguishing scene that it genuinely leaves you impressed.

The other major storyline that the third season ended with was the two Sabrinas: a Spellman and a Morningstar. It has been great to see the Queen of Hell version of Sabrina, relishing in all that comes with being Lucifer’s daughter: the reigning over subjects, and the genuine fun of being on the dark side. Odd that Morningstar has chosen to marry Caliban at 16 years old, but I guess it helps to just further emphasize her happiness.

The Fright Club

Now, with the sixth episode, “The Returned,” there is an expectation of the show now firing on all cylinders with the end around the corner. Half of the episode centers around a musical act which really feels like a deterrent from what is going on with the Terrors. The other half is great and really moves the story further along. The Eldritch Terror takes the form of some of Greendale's deceased residents returned to the land of the living by an ancient and famously resurrected man.

Unfortunately, we don't see anything at all with respect to Sabrina Morningstar's travel to the duplicate Mortal Realm of the Void. This is a major blow as fans of the television series Sabrina the Teenage Witch will have recognized Aunt Hilda and Zelda as played by Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick, as they welcomed Sabrina Morningstar home. What a major moment to see the two shows crossover! Hopefully we get to see a continuation of that story next time. We really do have to, as it should be a big part of the plan to put an end to the Void.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is available to watch in its entirety on Netflix.

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