A Deadpool Retrospective Index: Place your bets on the Dead Pool!

Man, that was quite a journey, right? The highs, lows, more lows, other deeper lows, sort of highs again, relatively speaking anyway, and then REAL lows of the life of Wade "Deadpool" Wilson. He went from worst Avenger, to everyone's hero, to scapegoat in the space of a few short volumes. And then, for a bit, he was Shakespeare. Still not really sure what that was about...

And if you ever want to relive this soul crushing journey, this is your guide to the most upsetting story Marvel have told. Except the time Emma Frost beat Thor. What a joke that was...

Just scroll down until you see the Retrospective you wish to read, and click on the cover to be taken right to it!

Marvel NOW Deadpool, Vol 1: Dead Presidents (2012). Collecting issues #1-6.

Writers: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn. Artist: Tony Moore.

Deadpool's back, baby!

And so are an army of former presidents! resurrected by forces unknown and causing chaos in DC...

But who wants to be seen on TV, re-murdering the greatest leader the United States has ever had?

Deadpool, obviously!

Marvel NOW! Deadpool, Vol 2: Soul Hunter (2012). Collecting issues #7-12.

Writers: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn. Artist: Scott Koblish (#7) & Mike Hawthorne (#8-12)

We start with a brief history lesson, also, a general life lesson, on why it's best not to make deals with devils.

Then, back in the present day, we see exactly WHY that's an awful idea, as Deadpool must retrieve five souls for the devil Vetis, and manages to cause the kind of chaos that only Deadpool is capable of.

Marvel NOW! Deadpool, Vol 3: Soul Hunter (2012). Collecting issues #13-19.

Writers: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn. Artist: Scott Koblish (#13-14) & Declan Shalvey (#15-19)

One of the most brutal volumes in Deadpool history. And trust me, that's really saying something...

Deadpool is joined by fellow Weapon X Alum Captain America and Wolverine, to travel to Korea to investigate the dark deeds of one Mr Butler, who has been doing nasty and totally illegal things to Deadpool while he's passed out.

And, to show you how serious this volume is, I'm going to leave that obvious set up alone.

Much like Butler should have done to Deadpool.

Marvel NOW! Deadpool, Vol 4: Deadpool Vs S.H.I.E.L.D. (2012). Collecting issues #20-25.

Writers: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn. Artist: Scott Koblish (#20) & Mike Hawthorne (#21-25)

Yup, Deadpool has picked a fight with S.H.I.E.L.D.! Although, in his defense he didn't start it.

A disgruntled S.H.I.E.L.D. agent has put a 10mil bounty on Deadpool's head, so naturally every lowlife and wannabe is trying to claim it... a task that's far easier said, than done!

So, Deadpool deals with this the way any healthy, right minded adult would. He obliterates ULTIMATUM. Because honestly, who would miss them?

Marvel NOW! Deadpool, Vol 5: The Wedding of Deadpool (2012).

Writers: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn, Artist: Mike Hawthorne (#27) & Scott Koblish (#26-28),

Yup, Deadpool is MARRIED! Deadpool. Married. Yup. That has happened. Somehow.

This volume we take a look back and the many and varied marriages of Deadpool. Spoiler warning, they all end horribly.

And yes, I am including Deadpool's current marriage to Shiklah in that list. If you want to know how badly that ends, you'll have to keep reading!

Marvel NOW! Deadpool, Vol 6: Original Sin (2012). Collecting issues #29-34

Writers: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn, Artist: John Lucas.

The first of many, many Deadpool event tie-in books. So many. Like, WAY too many.

Reeling from the events of Original Sin, everyone now knows that Deadpool has a daughter, so naturally, ULTIMATUM are after her, on account of the whole "Deadpool murder all of us last time" thing.

Also, Deadpool and Dazzler fight vampires, which honestly is a better concept that is given time here. We need more of that.

Marvel NOW! Deadpool, Vol 7: AXIS (2012). Collecting issues #35-40

Writers: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn. Artist Hawthorne (#35-39) & Scott Koblish (#40).

The second Deadpool tie-in, for a major Marvel event. Yes, they follow a tie-in with another tie-in. It was a crazy time at Marvel.

This time around, it's Axis, where heroes became villains, villains became heroes, and Deadpool became Zen. This means he gets a cool new suit and is calm for a bit. Then everything is fixed off-panel, and we're all left a little confused. As usual, Deadpool gets shafted by the whole situation.

Marvel NOW! Deadpool, Vol 8: All Good Things (2012). Collecting issues #41-44 & #250

Writers: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn. (41-44) Artist: Salva Espin

This is the end, my Deadpool friend, the end!

Deadpool is in a bit of a funk. Everyone has swapped back to their pre-Axis ways, but Wade just can't get back in the 'Pool.

So, he decides to take on a totally simple job for Roxxon, which absolutely won't end up going horrifically off the rails, and causin' a load of chaos. Because that NEVER happens to Deadpool...

And then the world blows up.

Deadpool: World's Greatest Volume 1: Millionaire With A Mouth. Collecting issues #1-5.

Writer: Gerry Duggan. Artist: Mike Hawthorne.

Deadpool's back! New(ish) name, new(ish)team, new(ish) problems!

It seems, while we were away, Deadpool somehow became the most popular hero in the world! Yeah, he now has a team of kickass mercs working for him, he's sort of in the Avengers, life is great!

Of course he's still flat broke, because he's funding the whole Avengers Initiative, and his new merc friends all hate him... but that will get better, in time.

Deadpool: World's Greatest, Volume 2: End Of An Error. Collecting issues #3.1: Tres Punto Uno, #6-7.

Writer: Gerry Duggan. Artist: Scott Koblish.

Backstories for everyone! This volume, we meet the Mercs for Money, Deadpool's new gang of reprobates, and learn what makes them all tick. Other than money and killing, obviously.

Also, Deadpool cheers himself up by tracking down a few people that have annoyed him and exacting brutal revenge. It's good for the soul... but not really.

We also jump forward to 2099 and meet the all-new, all-different Deadpool!

Deadpool: World's Greatest, Volume 3: Deadpool Vs Sabretooth. Collecting issues #8-12

Writer: Gerry Duggan. Artist: Matteo Lolli (#8-11) & Scott Koblish (#12).

Deadpool Vs Sabretooth! A volume about the time Deadpool fought Sabretooth.

Also in this volume, hmmm...

Nope. This volume is basically just Deadpool and Sabretooth going AT IT.

It's also FANTASTIC and really shows a lot of what I love about this run.

Deadpool: World's Greatest, Volume 4 Temporary Insanitation. Collecting issue #13, 7.1, 4.1, 13.1, and Deadpool: Last Days of Magic

Written by: Lots of people. Art by: Just as many people.

The team up no one asked for, and no one wants! Including about 90% of the people IN the team!

Yup, Deadpool teams up with Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage to try and get a mob informant and his precious information to the right people, to ensure that bad people go to bad places for a long time.

Only problem is, Deadpool is part of the team, so naturally, chaos ensues.

Deadpool: World's Greatest, Volume 5 Civil War II. Collecting issue #14-19

Written by: Gerry Duggan. Art by: Mike Hawthorne (#14-18) with Brian Level (#18) & Scott Koblish (#19)

IT's that time again! Big Event Three is here. This time, it's Civil War II. Because Marvel have so many crossover events, they're started repeating themselves.

But Deadpool has his own insurrection to worry about, as The Mercs for Money have had enough of never being paid, or getting any credit for their work, and have decided to go freelance.

And to shove that lance RIGHT up Deadpool's...

Deadpool: World's Greatest, Volume 6 Patience: Zero. Collecting issues #20-25

Written by: Gerry Duggan. Art by: Matteo Lolli with Paolo Villanelli(#20-24) & Scott Koblish (#25).

Madcap is back! And he has a truly terrible plan to get revenge on Deadpool. And when I say terrible, I don't mean it's bad and won't work, I mean it works gangbusters and it's just freakin' WRONG.

Then, we have the conclusion of Deadpool 2099, and one of my all time favourite one-shot comics.

Deadpool: World's Greatest, Volume 7: Deadpool Does Shakespeare. Collecting issues #26-27 & Much Ado About Deadpool

Written by: Gerry Duggan (#26-27) & Ian Doescher(MAAD).

And now, for no reason, Shakespeare!

There's a Valentine's Day Massacre, and some time travel nonsense, but most of this book is a Shakespearean inspired pile of nonsense.

I mean, it's not BAD, not really. It's just very, very odd. Even by the "Sod it's it's Deadpool, just run with it" standards I expect from this series, this book is just BIZARRE.

Deadpool: World's Greatest! Volume 8: 'Til Death Do Us... Collecting Deadpool issues # 28-29, Spider-Man/Deadpool #15-16, Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #9-10.

Written by/Art by about 50 people.

Deadpool's already somewhat unstable marriage hits the skids in a fairly epic way. When a monster is killed in the Subway, Shiklah and the rest of the Monster Metropolis declare way on the above grounders.

Dracula gets involved, and the world is saved by an online fighting game, it's a crazy ride and one you'll not want to miss!

Deadpool: World's Greatest Volume 9: Deadpool In Space. Collecting Deadpool #30, Deadpool Secret Comic Variants.

Written by Gerry Duggan, Pencils by Mike Hawthorne, Inks by Terry Pallot, Colours by Jordie Bellaire.

Deadpool realises the time has finally come, to deal with the menace known as Madcap!

But how do you kill someone whose regeneration is even better than Deadpool's? No weapon on Earth can kill him!

So, I guess Deadpool will have to find a weapon, that's not FROM this Earth!

Also, a secret comic, told over variant covers.

Deadpool: World's Greatest! Volume 10: Secret Empire. Collecting Deadpool issues #31-36.

Script by Gerry Duggan. Pencils by Matteo Lolli (#31-34/36) & Mike Hawthorne (#33-35). Inks by Christian Dalla Vecchia (31-14/36) & Terry Pallot (#33-35).

Event... four? is here Civil War II is over, and now the Secret Empire has taken over America. HYDRA is in charge, thanks to Captain America being an evil tool, and Deadpool is workin' for the man.

Deadpool does something kinda unforgivable this volume. We know this, because it will haunt him until the end of this series...

Despicable Deadpool Volume 1: Deadpool Kills Cable. Collecting Issues #287-291.

Written by Gerry Duggan. Art by Scott Koblish. Colours by Nick Filardi.

Deadpool's feeling despicable!

Deadpool owes Stryfe four lives, and he's come to collect! The first name on his list?


Time travel shenanigans are always SO fun, and never ever get pointlessly complicated and overworked. Not a once.

Despicable Deadpool Volume 2: Bucket List. Collecting Issues #292-296 and Secret Comics Variants from Deadpool #23-25 & #30-36

Written by Gerry Duggan.

Deadpool doesn't have much time left, so he decides to cross off a few things that he really needs to do.

Mostly, this involves the last few lives he has to claim for Stryfe, concocting the perfect punishment for Stevil and last but by no means least, finally taking out that annoying bastard Madcap.

Then, we get the second and final Variant Covers story. It's fun.

The Despicable Deadpool Volume 3: The Marvel Universe Kills Deadpool. Collecting Issues 297-300.

Written by Gerry Duggan.

Art by basically everyone that has worked on Deadpool, up to this point.

Deadpool has a huge bounty on his head! One he's put there himself... but he's not going to make it easy for anyone to collect. Some of the most brutal fighters in the Marvel underworld have come out, to try and take Deadpool's head. But can any of them do it? Can they end this once and for all?

Of course they don't! Only one person has what it takes, to finish Deadpool off. And we all know who that is...


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