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A fantastically gruesome start to the continuation of "Killadelphia" in latest issue

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Writer: Rodney Barnes, Art: Jason Shawn Alexander, Color: Luis NCT, Lettering: Marshall Dillon, Editor: Greg Tumbarello.

Cover art by Jason Shawn Alexander

Rodney Barnes continues his Killadelphia series with “Burn Baby Burn: Part I Jupiter Rising” and it couldn’t be more horrific in the best of ways. This is the 7th issue in the series after the culmination of the “Sins of the Father” story arc, where Detective James Sangster was tricked into going to the vampire-infested Hell Hall and turned into a vampire. It was former president and vampire king John Adams who led two centuries worth of bloodthirsty followers to the near destruction of Philadelphia as a means to take over the world, and enforce his vision of a new democratic society balanced by the underprivileged and elite. Now that Adams has been killed by Sangster and his long-time nemesis Tevin Thompkins, a new evil has emerged with a plan to take over the horde and make her own claim to power over the world in the form of Abigail Adams.

Abigail believes John had pity over humans; this was his downfall. As she meets with her faithful roundtable, the founding mother of the new world calmly discusses the way in which her husband incorrectly went about his plan for world domination. She is very in tune with what the present day means of control are. The key to superseding it has hidden in wait for a long time. Meanwhile, new Detective James Sangster Jr. takes on his father’s former duties on the force. Recent events have aged his mind and soul, making him more like his father in a world-weary way. Plagued by the worry of where the remaining key figures of John Adams’ army are, all Jr. can do is wade through daily life feeling rather small without being able to turn to his father for help.

Interior art by Jason Shawn Alexander

If you’ve followed the first arc of the series, you’re certainly left with the same questions as Sangster Jr. You feel his despair, the weight of the world on his shoulders as he feels alone in this upside down world even with Jose by his side. Jose has her own questions about the recent events and why certain things are taking place. Hopefully, the majority will receive answers by the end of this new six issue arc.

As for the art, the horror has upgraded to massive blood, guts, and gore as artist Jason Shawn Alexander and colorist Luis NCT have become comfortable with the comic series where they feel they can truly express the nightmares that come to life in Killadelphia. Even Marshall Dillon’s lettering is a fitting accompaniment for the genre. Truly, it isn’t necessary for you to be a horror fan to appreciate the story and as there is just as much going on between the lines as there is on the page.

Killadelphia Burn Baby Burn Part I is published by Image Comics and is available on August 26, 2020.

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