A fury-filled “You’re Welcome” for Jessica Jones in S3 E2

After the way “A Perfect Burger” ended, there was no hesitation in starting Episode 2 to see what happens next. It was a mistake. Just to recap, Trish Walker is Jessica Jones’s foster sister. Trish’s biological mother, Dorothy, took in Jessica and fostered her after the car accident that killed her parents. The two young girls quickly became friends and sisters in kind. As Jessica grew and her superhuman powers developed, Trish couldn’t help but be covetous of such heroic abilities. Despite her own fame as a child star, it is Trish’s dream to be a hero with superhuman abilities of her own. This is what leads her to volunteer to have the man who gave Jessica her abilities do the same to Trish. The procedure nearly kills her. “You’re Welcome” picks up from the end of Season 2, when Trish’s newfound cat-like reflex kicks in to save her falling iPhone. It appears she has the beginnings of some Hellcat superpower (see Suggested Reading). Color me curious.

Patsy "Trish" Walker tries to find a crimefighting outfit...this one looks familiar!

This episode details the great effort and lengths Trish goes through in order to hone her growing abilities. Her new skillset doesn’t seem completely superhuman though. I’m certain any pro stunt performer could do the same, and likely much more. This thought led me to look up Steven Seagal karate lessons on my phone for the next few minutes, which was very entertaining. The Netflix screensaver failed to pop up though, and I didn’t want burn-in to happen to my plasma TV, so I got back to watching the show.

You don’t have to tell Trish that with great power comes great responsibility. She’s too busy being a self-proclaimed moral compass, exacting her own brand of vigilante hero justice. Such actions land her in some legal trouble for which she retains Hogarth’s firm to handle. Malcolm is an investigator/fixer at Hogarth’s and is assigned to Trish’s case. Unsurprisingly, she feels the need to expound judgment on his line of work, but Malcolm doesn’t miss a beat in letting her know she’s not as pious as she thinks. Later on in a separate encounter between the pair regarding the same legal matter, Trish clearly judges Malcolm for his fixer tactics, but he’s not going to take it quietly. He lets her know exactly how she’s looking to the world right now and she needs to do something to fix that.

Eka Darville, the actor who portrays Malcolm, is the saving grace of this season so far. Whenever he is onscreen his presence commands attention both from the viewer and screen partners. Malcolm is unabashed, unafraid, and unflinching. He knows exactly who he is, what he believes in, but is also aware that what you believe and what you want don’t always run parallel to one another. Sometimes you have to set aside your beliefs in order to get to where you desire to be, no matter how much it may hurt. The sting is only temporary.

There is a heated encounter between Jessica and Trish that repeats from the previous episode. Trish is still hoping to Jessica to understand that what she did (killing Jessica’s mother) was an absolute necessary good. By episode’s end, we’re caught up to the present when Trish gets a call from Malcolm who fills her in on what happened to Jessica In last episode’s ending. Thinking this is going to be their moment for reconciliation, Trish realizes too late it’s the exact opposite. The sisters are further embittered with one another in the end. A bit of curiosity is pressing me to start the next episode, but the way this one ended, it’s making it real easy for me to decide to go to bed instead. I am really hoping for a climactic push, or the appearance of this season’s villain to present itself. Fingers crossed it isn’t going to solely center around Jessica versus Trish.


First Patsy Walker Comic Appearance: Miss America Magazine #2 (1944)

Most Recent Comic Appearance: Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! #17 (2017)

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