A GRUESOME toast to the end of all things in an ALL NEW "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Part4 Ep2

Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Cerberus

Wedding bells are ringing! The witches, warlocks, and favorite humans of Greendale are invited to the betrothal of Hildegarde Antoinette Spellman and Kenny Kosgrove, aka Dr. Cerberus. The lovebirds' relationship developed quickly after Dr. Cee revealed to Hilda in Part Two that an incubus, specifically a sex demon, inhabited him after he cast a spell that he read off of an antique tome. She revealed to him in kind that she was a witch herself, fully capable of handling his monthly demonic transformations. As their relationship grew to a head, Dr. Cerberus sweetly proposed to Hilda at the grand opening of the pagan's carnival (Part 3 Episode 3), but the moment was easily forgettable. Unfortunately, their relationship sometimes appears to be a "B plot" for Hilda, and it definitely takes a backseat to Zelda's new relationship with the voodoo witch Mambo Marie.

The Uninvited

Though the wedding is mentioned in the previous episode, not as much fanfare is taking place as in other television shows when a wedding is going to happen. Part 4 is all about the Eldritch Terrors, however, so it is understandable, as with each passing episode a new horrific terror is revealed, the Uninvited — herald of the Void — being worse than the Eldritch Dark. Part 4, Episode 2, "The Uninvited" is more cringe than horror due to one reason and one reason alone, Sabrina Spellman. Over the entirety of the series, Sabrina has made cringe decision after cringe decision. Oftentimes this is due to her portrayal of the teenager who "knows everything," but largely makes matters worse. Despite this, she is always the saviour of Greendale, which makes you wonder just what would her coven do without her. Sabrina's recklessness is eternally infuriating, which is exactly what spurs the drama of the series.

False daughter, Sabrina Spellman

"The Uninvited" continues with Sabrina's difficulty in finding herself as the odd witch out as everyone is coupling up around her. Father Blackwood remains obsessed with the Eldritch Terrors, continuing to prepare for their arrival. Sabrina Morningstar makes a shocking revelation. Lilith is still pregnant with Lucifer's child, fretful for the day she is no longer safe from her punishment. All this and more takes place in this jam-packed episode. Be sure to give it a watch. Hecate help you if you don't.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now streaming in its entirety on Netflix.

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