A hair-raising episode for Sabrina and the Church of Night in an all-new "Chilling Adventure"

Finally, we are getting to the meat of this Part 3 (Season 3) story with episode 4, "The Hare Moon." To catch you up a bit, Prudence and Ambrose were successful in capturing Prudence's father, the malevolent Faustus Blackwood. If you can recall, he fled at the end of Part 2 (Season 2) with the twins Judith and Judas. He apparently fled to Scotland, to Loch Ness, due to the area being imbued with mystical energies. There, he and the children were protected in a sort of time bubble where one month was equivalent to 15 years. In his solitude, Faustus purified himself to learn magics beyond the imagination. Part of this involves summoning The Deep One for its egg, for a yet unknown reason. The twins have also aged while in the bubble. Though Prudence wanted to kill him for his attack on the coven last season, Ambrose talks her into sparing Blackwood's life. They return to Greendale with him and the twins. Hilda and Zelda have found out about Sabrina's venture to Hell and back, with Nick still keeping Lucifer imprisoned within him. With Blackwood now there, it is decided he will be the new vessel to imprison Lucifer and Nick is freed. However, Nick remains traumatized from all that has happened within his mind/body.

In "The Hare Moon," everyone is waking up to the aftermath of the previous night's events. The carnival had its opening night and it was quite a memorable one for several people. Of course, the carnival was also not everything it appeared to be. Roz was able to see this in "Heavy is the Crown" thanks to her "cunning" vision. The members of the Church of Night now look forward to the Hare Moon, a celebration about the promise of regeneration, as all have had problems with their magical abilities. Hilda comes up with a plan to use the Hare Moon to resolve the problem, but the new folks in town make sure their plan falls apart in a fruitless effort. Things are falling apart for Sabrina as well. Nick isn't acting like he used to and as much as she tries to help him, his actions towards her tell another story.

There is so much I want to discuss about this episode, but I will wait until next time to get into the details. Just know that there is a great deal of story happening and I am so glad Donna Thorland has taken the reigns as writer for this episode. Thorland also serves as a Consulting Producer for the series, but she is most notable as a historical fiction writer with degrees from Yale and University of Southern California. She has actually spent years working in Salem, MA where she must have certainly heard her fair share of stories about witches.

"The Hare Moon" flows quickly, but smoothly enough where you can wrap your head around all that is happening. Directing the episode is longtime Director/Editor Viet Nguyen, who has directed a string of shows for the CW from The Flash to iZombie. He seems to currently be heading into darker territory with shows such as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but Panic and Lucifer as well. Quite interesting stuff, and he will very likely be brought back for Part 4 (Season 4).

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Part 3 is now available to watch in its entirety on Netflix.

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