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A journey of two very different halves in "Sea of Stars #3"

"Sea of Stars #3"

Jason Aaron/Denis Hallum (Writing) Stephen Green (Art) Rico Renzi (Colours).

Sea of Stars #2 followed the increasingly more desperate adventures of stranded father Gil as he strove to track down his missing son, and make sure he was safe.

Sea of Stars #3 shows just how unnecessary all of Gil's strife truly is. Because young Kadyn is not just surviving in space, he's pretty much THRIVING. While his initial reaction may have been one of boredom, now that he's out and about, flying through the great absence of space, he's starting to realise just how wrong his first impression was. Along with his two new friends: a sarcastic, somewhat fatalistic space monkey and a somber space whale, who is slowly starting to realise Kadyn may be somewhat more than he seems, Kadyn is doing exactly what you'd expect a young child to do, when exploring space unsupervised.

Namely, he's flying about, licking, poking and annoying everything he sees. Even a few things, that would really be best left alone.

And when one unwilling participant fails to understand the rules of Tag, we get a brief glimpse of just how powerful young Kadyn is growing...

But, of course, Space isn't all fun and games, and this story isn't just about Kadyn. We check in on the continuing, and continually difficult, journey of his somewhat less powerful father, Gil.

I'm sure you'll be surprised to hear that, once again, Gil has somehow managed to just about survive the last disaster he found himself in, and at the same time, managed to land his unlucky ass in another, equally as dangerous situation. Assisted only by murderous Cop-Bot Kyle, Gil continues to fail upwards. Barely scraping through each potentially life ending situation, only to have his work undone each time, when the next hazard rears is ugly head. Poor guy REALLY can't catch a break...

As we've come to expect from the legendary team of Aaron and Hallum, the writing in Sea of Stars #3 is superb, once more. The juxtaposition of Kadyn's youthful exuberance, and the generally light tone of his adventures, balanced out by the unending hardship and constant danger of Gil's quest to "rescue" him brings just the right balance to this potentially tiring tale. If the comic had just focused on one of these arcs, the whole thing may have become to cloying or depressing. But having them both run alongside each other, allows you to appreciate each tale, for what it is. Like eating salted popcorn, mixed in with sweet, to keep each flavour fresh.

And, of course, I have to mention the amazing work of Green and Renzi. The artwork in this series continues to amaze. From the strange and varied worlds visited, to the amazing people, creatures and robots we meet along the way. Every page holds some new wonder to take in, or horror to run from. Superb.

Overall, Sea of Stars #3 has maintained the very high levels of its predecessors, and is setting this series up to be something quite special. I can't wait to see what issue #4 has in store for us!

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