A new hero adopts the cowl of a fallen Justice Society legend in Stargirl episode 4: "Wildcat"

Yolanda Montez takes the cowl of Wildcat

With the recent events of “Icicle” having taken place only days ago in the world of the show, “Wildcat” starts off with a new origin story, this time of Blue Valley High student Yolanda Montez. Ms. Montez was a straight-A student with a true academic career, a dotingly supportive family, the respect of her peers, as well as a Varsity team boyfriend on her arm. She had it all, but Yolanda wasn’t without her detractors, primarily the school Queen Bee, Cindy Burman.

In an all-too-common occurrence of the times, Yolanda makes a mistake that winds up costing her everything. All of this takes places three months prior to Courtney’s move to Blue Valley. In the present, Yolanda does all that she can to keep her head down and stay out of anyone’s way, due to the shame and embarrassment of her mistake, which Cindy refuses to let her live down. Courtney comes to learn about what happened to Yolanda, who not only is a brilliant girl, but a true fighter as well. Knowing all of this, Courtney concludes Yolanda is the perfect choice to be the new “Wildcat,” and sets out to persuade her to wear the hero's cowl.

Wildcat and Stargirl doing detective work in Blue Valley

For the majority of the episode, The main plot of the episode revolves around Yolanda and Courtney. This story is interesting enough to pull you in to a detective’s adventure as Stargirl takes Wildcat under her wing to discover who else in town is a member of the Injustice Society. Meanwhile in the subplot, Pat works on repairing and improving S.T.R.I.P.E. As he sets about his work, the former Stripesy comes face to face with an ominous realization of the truly malevolent works taking place in the not-so sleepy small town. Luke Wilson is fantastic at making Pat’s brief moments in the episode the best ones, especially his last scene. His film experience truly shines through and nothing comes off as cheesy. He caps the episode with a suspenseful cliffhanger that will leave you racking your brain for answers until next week’s episode.

The Wizard's wife, Denise Zarick, stops by Pat Dugan's auto shop

Stargirl is still getting started and there are 9 episodes left in the season. To reiterate my gripe from last week, there is even less action going on in "Wildcat" than there was in the first two episodes. I get it, you have to suck the viewers in, but you also have to keep hold of them. The costumers could have had a bigger budget to work with. Wildcat's cowl looks too clunky and rubbery, at times appearing almost bulbous to the point of really drawing your attention to it. The upside is that there was a heavy story going on, plus a big character surprise that would be fantastic to see more of. Next week's episode is called "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite." Will this be THE JSA team for the remainder of the season? We will have to wait and see.

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