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A new Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite are found in this week's "Stargirl"

Rick Harris and his father, 9 years ago in Blue Valley

As this review's headline already informs you, we get two new members added to the Justice Society of America this week, with Blue Valley High students Beth Chapel donning the goggles of Dr. Mid-Nite, and Rick Harris rocking the hourglass chain of Hourman. These are some of the last people Courtney (Stargirl) would have personally sought out to be superheroes. She and Yolanda (Wildcat) are focused on athletics, fighting ability, and intelligence, which are obviously quite important for the looming battles with the Injustice Society of America that will be sure to take place. Nevertheless, the hero totems Courtney stole from the JSA headquarters tend to have a mind of their own, coming to life for Beth and Rick alone.

Beth Chapel, the new Dr. Mid-Nite

The episode begins with a dramatically hectic origin story for Rick, taking place nine years ago. It is an event that changes the course of his life forever, explaining why he is the surly, loner high schooler that he is today. Post-production did a great job with using Everclear's "Wonderful" to transition from the past to the present, where it's Halloween. The holiday doesn't play very much into the episode though, just being a nice event going on while Courtney searches for new heroes. After last week's episode, Beth is wise to the truth about Courtney and Yolanda being Stargirl and Wildcat. The overly talkative Beth is taken with the possibility of being a hero herself. In this episode, she does what she can to get close to Courtney in order to make that happen.

Pat Dugan

The rest of "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite" is self-explanatory, as it revolves around the title. There are other things going on though that can be easily missed, if you are on your phone with the tv on in the background. The ISA is up to nothing good, and Pat has come to the realization that they are behind the death of the Zarick family. It looks like he's going to continue the detective work to figure out why. It also looks like there might be someone in town who is developing super-abilities of their own, rather than being gifted them by a cosmic or high-tech device. Overall, the story itself is sufficiently captivating, but there is definitely a lack of action. My guess is, it's being saved for next week's episode, titled "The Justice Society," which will mark the season's midpoint.

New episodes of Stargirl air Sunday nights at 12a.m. EDT on DC Universe and Tuesdays at 8p.m. EDT on The CW. Episodes can also be seen on in the U.S. shortly after it airs on the channel.

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