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A PERVERSE terror gives Greendale an evil makeover in an all-new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S4E4

The Sentinel

Three Eldritch Terrors down, only five more to go! With a 3-0 score of wins under her belt, Sabrina thinks now is a great moment to split her time between destroying the next terrors and running for class Co-President with Roz at Baxter High. Storywise, this is completely out of nowhere. Somehow Sabrina views this an important extracurricular activity on her path to getting into Vassar College. The liberal arts college does fit into Sabrina's feminist views, as Vassar is a historical women's college, one of the chronicled Seven Sisters, and is the first elite women's college in the U.S. Roz is also intent in this endeavor despite discovering a couple of days ago that she too is a witch. Along with Prudence and Mambo Marie, Roz will use her cunning abilities to serve as a Sentinel to watch over the realms for the terrors. Honestly, it does not seem likely that this Co-Presidents B-plot will progress further as the season goes on, but we shall see.

Faustus Blackwood and the Imp of the Perverse

Not long into the episode, the Perverse terror makes its introduction. Referred to as the Imp of the Perverse, the terror arrives in the form of a trinket sold by the Trinket Man who is a purveyor of occult trinkets. After Blackwood manages to get his hands on the Imp, he perverts the world with a wish, one where he is the emperor. The wish leads to a horrific Hitler-esque world where witches are hunted and Sabrina is public enemy No. 1.

Sabrina in disguise as Samantha Stillwell

Episode four,"The Imp of the Perverse," centers entirely on what it takes to break free from the perversion. What is great about it is the turn it takes away from Sabrina's brooding over her loneliness and lack of a lovelife. "The Weird" episode alluded to this happening, as Sabrina confessed to Ambrose that the terror called her out on her internal emptiness.

Ambrose outside of the Spellman house

With half of the season left, we can only hope that it really picks up with raised stakes, shocking moments, and the tying up of several loose ends. Will there be a way to end Blackwood despite him bearing the Mark of Cain? What really happened with Sabrina's parents? How exactly was Sabrina free to create the time loop in the first place for the Season 3 finale? Of course, many more questions exist, but part of the reason why these questions are still unanswered is largely due to the sub-par writing that has loomed over the series. Here's hoping the series picks up in this last half. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a great series to watch and I hope the finale serves it justice.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is available to watch in its entirety on Netflix.

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