A violent history surrounds our “hero” in Keanu Reeves' very Frank Miller-esque BRZRKR #3: REVIEW

Written by: Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt, Illustrations by: Ron Garney, Colours by: Bill Crabtree.

Two seasons have passed since his creation. His adolescence is filled with war. Bodies lay dismembered on the ground, blood and entrails surround all the warriors, as he continues to fight with glowing eyes...trying to prove himself to his “father.” He explains that the village has given him a name, “Unute,” which is translated as "tool" or "weapon." As his “father” plots more and more battles, to ensure his tribe's survival, Unute starts to question things, like, is he just a tool to be used? And who is his real father? Pushing himself to be the person his “father” wants him to be seems to be having consequences on his mental state.

If anyone hasn’t read my review for issue one, I do want to state that I did pledge towards this Kickstarter. However I will always try to be impartial in any book that I review.

As I stated in my issue 2 review, I didn’t want this to be a book solely based around violence just for the sake of the story; for example, the John Wick films are fun, but there’s not much to them other than the fantastic action scenes. In this respect, we started to see more of a development of Unute in issue 2. The whole Nature vs Nurture argument could be extracted from that issue. Here in issue 3, we see a progression of that, where his parents see him as a gift, and they look upon that gift in different ways. His mum wants to develop him to be more human, she wants to look out for him to make sure he is happy. However his “father” sees his abilities and wants to build on them, while also protecting his village during some violent times. In the pursuit of making his “father” happy though, how much damage is he doing to himself? I’m hoping the book continues to look at this, as it’s a very interesting topic. The damage we can do to ourselves for the validation of those we love.

Another great aspect of this issue is the development of parenthood. Unute now questions who his father is, as he knows his “father” wasn’t in the cave during his conception. Is this something that his “father” now holds against him, that he’s not his blood, so therefore doesn’t have as much care as his mother. Is this newfound gift just a tool for him to use to benefit the tribe? Are these battles really for survival or are they to gain wealth? These kind of questions are being raised which is why I think this issue is the best in the series so far, and it’s proven to me that, it’s not just going to be a book about violence for the sake of the story.

When it comes to the art, as I’ve stated in previous reviews, this is not artwork that would appeal to me. I much prefer art that is a little more “polished.” I will say that the artwork is growing on me, and it’s at a consistent level which I do appreciate. The other interesting thing about it, is that it’s very reminiscent of Frank Miller's 300, in the way that the panels are laid out over the page. It also is very close in its washed-out colour style.

As in issue one, issue 3 also doesn’t shy away from violence, so if you’re more sensitive towards that, I would say this series probably isn’t for you.

Overall, I would say this has been the best issue so far, and it’s developing into a very interesting series, one that’s questioning a lot of things about how we treat our loved ones. I’m very excited to see where it goes from here, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a well-written action story.

BRZRKR issue 3 was released by Boom Studios on 16th June to your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology

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