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Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, In "Locke & Key" Episode 5.

"Locke & Key" episode 5. All Season 1 episodes now available on Netflix.

Locke & Key is based on the graphic novel by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez.

We're halfway through Season 1, and things are starting to come together.

Episode 5 was very much a game of two halves. Thankfully, both halves were equally interesting, and did a lot to push their respective plot lines forward, which is nice.

The episode begins with Tyler and Kinsey finding a new key; this one allows the user to issue orders though a music box. Orders which MUST be followed.

So, for some godawful reason, they decide the best person to safeguard this key is Kinsey.

Let me ask you a question: What do you think happens when you take a young woman with no fear, put her on the wrong side of the school's resident "Queen Bee," and then give her a key which lets her control people?

I'd be willing to bet you can see EXACTLY where this plot line ends. But somehow, Tyler and Bode don't see this coming, and act shocked and surprised when Miss "No Self Control" Kinsey does something risky.

This leads to quite possibly the dumbest line anyone has every uttered, in a supernatural/horror TV show. Right up there with the classics like "I'll be right back!" and "Don't worry, I think we've lost him."

Kinsey actually looks her brother dead in the eye and says: "If [Echo] can't take the keys, and needs us to willingly give them to her, she can't hurt us!"

Can you believe that nonsense? Given everything that Echo has done to the Locke Family up to this point, Kinsey still genuinely believes that Echo can't hurt them... as if there's NO way that a psychopath, with access to magic keys, could find a way to hurt the Locke Children that doesn't involve directly attacking them.

I have a bad feeling, that she's going to learn a lesson, in the near future. A very painful lesson.

With her cavalier attitude towards the keys, and lack of worry about Echo, I think Kinsey has actually managed to claim the title of "Worst Locke Sibling." Especially since Bode has been pretty sensible, and far less annoying of late.

But the Locke Children aren't done yet! The episode holds one last key, for them. A flower-shaped key I've dubbed The "Forget-Me-Not" Key, which can be used to store old memories.

Old Memories that tease a new key, one which allows you to change the way you look. They mention it so subtly, and gloss over it so quickly, I can only assume it's of vital importance.

Of course, the old memories also hold a dark secret, one the Locke Children may not be ready to face.

Nina "The Best" Locke continues her investigation into her husband's past, and man, are things are starting to heat up...

After coming home to find the not-at-all -suspicious Ellie up to not-at-all -suspicious things while alone in Key House, Nina finds a new avenue to explore. But just what secret is Ellie hiding? And why does the scar on her collarbone look so familiar? And when things start to go wrong, will Nina have what it takes to keep looking for the truth?

Yes. Yes she will. Because she's Nina and she's awesome.

Overall, Episode 5 was back on top form. The plot was strong, and despite Kinsey acting like an idiot pretty much throughout, she wasn't annoying to the point of being off-putting. Frankly, considering the fear-ectomy she gave herself last episode, she's acting about how I'd expect her to.

With a couple of great reveals, a few teases for drama down the line, and some great setups, this episode did exactly what you'd want a midway episode to do. Can't really ask for more than that!

See you guys next week, when we'll unlock more of the mystery, of Locke & Key!

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