Actions speak louder than words in "Gogor #3"

Created, written, drawn, colored, lettered by Ken Garing

Gogor #3 speeds along with literal assistance from a skiff, and while this issue is heavy with exposition, the action found within keeps things at a jaunty pace.

The main protagonist Armano is finally filled into the nature of the hulking beast, Gogor. Armano's role and connection to the green behemoth also feature extensively.

Garing continues to utilize exposition as his main narrative weapon, but with more compelling characters to move around the board, this feels much less tedious than the previous issue. As Armano and Gogor continue on, venturing further into the unknown, the scale of Gogor widens, brushing ever so slightly against the vastness that Garing hints lay ahead.

By utilizing dynamic and interesting allies, in Tetra Hedron, and foes, Amphax, Garing provides ample meat to the narrative bone. The former reminiscent of Gandalf or the Sorceress from He-Man, plays exposition queen, allowing Armano and the reader to take in information willingly, eagerly for the quest to come.

Amphax stands determined, relentless in his pursuit of Armano and Gogor. Resulting in a fierce confrontation that invokes the great battles of early era Hulk and Thing. Here Garing truly stretches with daring action sequences, filled with dynamic movement and exquisite color. While Garing often feels too wordy on the written side, his panel progression and visual storytelling are top notch. Any moment where the characters are in movement is a joy to experience.

Another arena, where Garing has really hit his stride, is the coloring. Every character pops off the page. Bold hues and the stark contrast of greens, oranges, reds, and blues whiz around each page, never distracting, always enhancing the story.

As this is only the third issue of this all creator originated content, Garing sees fit to still build, brick by brick, word by exhaustive word, this grand world. It remains firmly planted in the world of fantasy, yet Garing occasionally seems to lose himself in the story. Often times the words of Gogor feel more at home in a novel than a comic book.

When action meets articulation, Gogor excels. Garing has a promising premise, filled with unique and compelling characters. Hopefully, he steps back and lets them fulfill their destiny. Not just in lore and mythology, but in action and consequence. Gogor may not ultimately be judged by his words, he's a creature of little talk, but by his grand actions.

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