Adam Hughes' cover and interior art add extra heat to "The Ride: Burning Desire"

The Ride: Burning Desire is a fun follow-up to The Ride from 2004, and focuses primarily on the character of Detective Vega, and her readjustment to "normal" life following a prison stint.

Adam Hughes Cover A for The Ride: Burning Desire

In the first of two parts of this book, "Burning Desire": Doug Wagner's script is quite methodical in its presentation. To start, we get familiar with the title's namesake, "Burning Desire", an exotic dance club of sorts, and we get to know the characters quite quickly. Ex-Detective Vega, our central character, gets a general backstory and personality without missing a beat, along with an idea of what we may see from her moving forward.

Daniel Hillyard's pencils are quite pleasing to the eye, and gives flesh to Wagner's script, but Laura Martin's colors are the true heroes of the story, setting the tone in all of the different areas that the story takes place in, and helping the reader feel immersed in each setting as well.

In the Second Part, "Sparkles": We get a short story about Kiri, her sister Felicity, some cops, and a unicorn outfit.

Oh, and did I mention some sweet Adam Hughes art?!

Wagner returns to the second story to give us a tale a woman who is willing to defend her family no matter what. Even if it involves donning a unicorn outfit and paddle.

I'm a sucker for art, and Adam Hughes knocks it out of the park, not only giving us the main cover of the title, but also this short story's art and colors! It's not often that we get to see Hughes on interiors, as he's primarily known for his comic cover work, but he gives life to the tale of "Sparkles" beautifully.

"The Ride: Burning Desire" Cover B

While the second part of The Ride: Burning Desire can stand on its own both in terms of story and art as a short tale, the first part requires a bit of piecing together, as one may be confused as to whether the flashback mid-chapter is part of the current volume, or a callback to the original The Ride.

I'd be sure to pick up the second issue in order to see where this goes, if not just for the sweet Adam Hughes covers that are hopefully to come for this volume.

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