Adam Hughes's clever, pointy shadows win the POP Cover Of The Week for X-Lives of Wolverine #4!

X-Lives of Wolverine #4, Marvel Comics, Variant Cover by Adam Hughes.

Every once in a while, a cover comes along that requires the revival of the POP COVER OF THE WEEK feature, to give it some respect and call proper attention to it.

Sometimes a Cover Of The Week is worthy to be chosen because of a simply awe-inspiring illustration by an artist like Alex Ross. Sometimes it's a great example of graphic design, like the early covers for WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY'RE DEAD. Sometimes it's a clever concept, like this week's winner by Adam Hughes.

The cover to X-Lives of Wolverine #4, out March 9, flashes back to Logan's days as "Patch" in Madripoor. Hughes places the white dinner jacketed Patch in a crowded, overly ferned nightclub, fists clenched, ready for action. Aside from being a beautifully composed illustration, the element that makes this the POP Cover Of The Week are the perfectly placed shadows on Patch's fists, mimicking his famous claws, about to snikt! Expert color choices by Hughes minimize the surroundings and the setting sun points a spotlight of attention on Patch's fists and those clever, pointy shadows. The ferns themselves cast dagger-like silhouettes across people's faces and bodies, perhaps as harbingers of the violence to come.

This simultaneously calm and threatening moment makes this AH! design the deserving POP Cover Of The Week.

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