ADVANCE REVIEW: Ash is in the heat of another hunt in the new "Blade Runner 2019 #10"

Writer: Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Art: Andres Guinaldo, Color: Marco Lesko, Lettering: Jim Campbell, Editor: David Leach.

Cover Art by Rian Hughes

Michael Green and Mike Johnson are back with Blade Runner 2019 #10 and it appears it will be the last issue until November. Nevertheless, Green and Johnson get a significant amount of story told in this tenth issue to satisfy your palate for a while. Now that young Cleo is back with her replicant mother, Isobel, and both have gone off to hide at the off-world paradise known as Arcadia, Ash decides to head back to Los Angeles to end this Selwyn-Tyrell problem once and for all. Ash begins a hunt for Alexander Selwyn as it would be the only way to keep Cleo and herself safe. Eldon Tyrell is said to have been long deceased by now, but with the mysteries that permeate, it is quite possible he too is alive somewhere in some physical state. Still, Ash focuses on getting to Alexander Selwyn before he can get to her first.

Interior art by Andres Guinaldo

With a feeler out on her old points of contact, the only one to give Ash a hint as to where to turn is her now retired boss Wojciech, who makes it known that there is still a hefty reward out for the former Blade Runner. This fact makes Ash wary of her former superior, realizing that her low-income situation and advanced age would make Wojciech keen to accept such a reward. Ash heads out to the ruins of Tyrell Corporation to see what she can find there, which to her surprise is a scientist for the secret Project Isobel, who believes it is still 2022. Easily able to get new information for her search from the deranged scientist, Ash heads back out into the streets of Los Angeles. It is long before trouble finds her, however, and Ash is put in a situation where she can no longer make choices for herself.

Interior art by Andres Guinaldo

Blade Runner 2019 #10 leaves you with a very interesting cliffhanger. Green and Johnson continue to introduce new ways for the story to move forward and this will hopefully turn out in our hero's favor. Although I wasn't a big fan of the series' second part of the story arc, this third part is looking like an improvement. Even artist Andres Guinaldo is stepping up his game in the panels by bringing more life and activity into them. Guinaldo blends the worlds of Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 and Ridley Scott's Blade Runner together to create this series. Colorist Marco Lesko continues to put the finishing touches on Guinaldo's work with his craft. Lesko knows his color theory and puts that knowledge to great use here.

Once again, we will have to wait until November for the next issue, but take this time to reflect on the series so far, and see if you can beat our detective at her own game in figuring out where Selwyn is.

Blade Runner 2019 #10 is published by Titan Comics and is on sale September 23, 2020.

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