ADVANCE REVIEW: Bliss #4: Halfway through this glorious series with stunning artwork

Written by Sean Lewis, Art and Colors by Caitlin Yarsky.

Benton walks up to the house where his wife, her parents, and Perry are, with the intention of killing them to complete his contract. Balancing that with present day, where Perry is talking to the god about how they see life as they walk down to see Benton. However, we find out that Lethe, queen of the gods, has plans for both Benton and Perry. Benton has bested her before; can he do it again? And if he can, what will it cost him?

So we reach the penultimate issue of this glorious book. Sean Lewis has crafted such a complex character with Benton. We know the evil things he’s done, but yet we also can’t help but feel sorry for him and want him to best his demons both mentally with his addiction, and physically with the gods who are sending him to do their deeds. This book has been a redemption book from the beginning, and it's getting close to its climax, where we get even a little pay off in this. Knowing how dangerous Benton is, and how brutal he can be, he can turn that on the gods. A great next-to-last panel shows how great and complex the character is.

There are so many panels that I could pick for the wonderful art. Caitlin Yarsky is showcasing her talents in this issue, with so many beautiful full page spreads that anyone of them could be chosen. It's to the point where it’s difficult to pick out even the slightest issues I have with any of the art. It could possibly be a flawless issue by Yarsky. There was one page in particular that physically took my breath away at how beautiful it was and how well it fit with the story. This particular piece is a full page splash, that was stunning, I actually stopped reading and admired it (see image below ). This redemption story is lifted even higher by these amazing panels. As the characters grow, the art becomes more and more overwhelming to the point of mastery.

We are now halfway through the series and the tables seem to have turned. What started out as a redeeming arc, where the son is trying to save his father, has now come full circle to where the father is wanting to risk anything to save his son.

This is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve read, and I would recommend it to not just comic fans, but to fans of great fantasy stories. The way Sean Lewis has created such a tortured soul in Benton, we are both horrified by what he’s done yet still sympathise with his situation of addiction. Caitlin Yarsky’s art is developing more and more. I can’t find a fault with the art. And since we are only halfway through the series, I’m excited to see what more can be done with the art, if she can develop it even more. Or even showcase something else equally as impressive as the full page image above.

Bliss #4 is released on 28th October from your local comic shop as well as comixology

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