ADVANCE REVIEW - Does God exist? The Coffin Bound Issue 5 question

Written by Dan Watters, Drawn by Dani, Coloured by Brad Simpson, Lettered by Aditya Bidikar.

It comes as no surprise that I loved the first volume of this series. The series was not afraid to take a deep dive into philosophy. What are we: The sum of our memories or our physical bodies? What do we leave behind? What’s our legacy? In a similar vein, volume 2 kicks off with similar philosophical dilemmas.

Taqa awakes in a church to see her friends being beaten. The police are talking about legislation to shut down the church. The reverend gives Taqa a mission: Prove the existence of the vulture. If he exists, then God exists too. In doing so she might be able to save her church. The reverend promises her a steady stream of “God” if she takes up the quest. However, as the vulture only interacts with either the dead or dying…how far is she willing to go to keep the drug source going and also to potentially protect her church.

The book starts off very strong with some interesting questions, first off about police brutality and accountability, however I want to skip that to the more philosophical questions. Taking the reference to God at face value, we see the state declaring that there will be legislation to infringe on the religious freedom. When we get to this stage within society, at what point would it be called a police state? Yet if we look into the context of God being the drug, is there then still an overreach by the state to interfere with people's ways of interacting with their saviour. Therefore should the church be hallowed ground in terms of politically neutral? This could be me reading way too far into it, yet I do think there’s a certain aspect of these questions about the book. Not just because of the nature of the first volume's questioning of philosophy, but yet within the art too. We have striking panels like the one below, where religion is classed as a smell to these officers.

One of the things that was incredible about the first volume's arc was the art, managing to be both clean cut with the beautiful layout, yet dirty and raw with its presentation of characters. This is something that feels lacking in this latest issue. Most panels are not as clear and clean as the previous. There is also still the same issue of the faces of main characters not being fully developed within the pages.

Seeing as we are now 5 issues into the series, I can now assume that the faces are more of an aesthetic choice by Dani. Saying that, it’s still one thing that bothered me about the book.

Despite that one flaw, this is an incredible read. This could be the kind of series that you could write a thesis about. Talking through the philosophical values that it portrays, yet not seeming to sway to either side of the debate. Causing the reader to judge for themselves how they feel about these issues presented. Which to me shows how great Dan Watters is with his writing.

Coffin Bound Issue 5 will be released on 5th August from image, at your local comic shop and also on comixology

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