ADVANCE REVIEW: Grit #1 is full of monster-hunting and gore, not for the squeamish

It's been a while since comics have been in full swing, but Scout is getting right back into the flow of things at full throttle with Grit #1, the new title from writer Brian Wickman and Artist Kevin Castaneiro.

Grit #1 Cover A
Grit #1 Cover A

Grit follows Monster Hunter Barrow and his exploits, much in the same vein as the hit video game The Witcher. Grit is a wonderfully fast-paced adventure, with an old-timey, yet southern feel to it in the way the main character presents himself to the supporting, yet often short-lived cast.

As a bit of forewarning, it takes a bit of said grit to power through the issue, as it is quite laden with gore, perfect for the stoic reader, and not so much for the squeamish.

Now that's not to say that this title doesn't get off to an excellent start.

Wickman's action-filled script keeps the story progressing at breakneck speed, and is beautifully complemented by Castaneiro's artistic layouts.

The premise of Grit gives it some huge (bloody) legs to stand on, as it gives Wickman a wide breadth of characters and creatures to explore as he expands his universe.

I've got to say, Grit #1 does an excellent job of hooking a new reader. A light buildup of tension, a subtle hint of things to come, and a shower of blood and entrails all over the next page!

Well... maybe not every new reader, as I said, this book isn't for the squeamish, and probably isn't the best for younger readers to be flipping through as well.

I absolutely love fast paced, action with a stoic protagonist, and I'll be sure to follow Old Man Barrow's adventures as he fights trolls, ignorant zealots, and blood monsters in the otherwise quiet backwoods.

Grit #1 from Scout Comics, is on sale July 15, 2020 at your Local Comic Shop, on online at comixology.

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