ADVANCE REVIEW: Ludocrats #4: I don’t know what’s going on. Does the creative team?

Written by Kieron Gillen and Jim Rossignol, Art by Jeff Stokely, Colours by Tamra Bonvillain.

We now reach the penultimate issue of what’s been a crazy ride. Otto and the gang are staring oblivion in the face and now need to find a way to escape with their lives and then try to save the universe from becoming what they always feared...boring.

This is possible the most fun I’ve had with this series so far. The twists and turns of the last half of the book actually had me intrigued. Maybe I’m getting used to the weird and wacky world. I still don’t think that it’s anything near what Gillen can do, however. As I have said before, if this is a pallet cleanser between Gillen's issues of Die then I completely understand. I do think that there is one panel that just epitomises this whole series:

This one panel I think clearly represents just how I feel about the series, things happen for no reason. The art style changes just as quickly, and just when you think you’re beginning to understand things, then you get thrown a curve ball and are right back to knowing nothing. I’m not sure if this is done on purpose for the sake of the creative team having fun, or they deliberately don’t want you to understand things. Either way, if you completely let go of any expectations like I did with this issue, then you just might enjoy the ride.

The art by Stokely and colours by Bonvillain are great. I’ve gotten used to the cartoony look to the book and I think the overly developed eyes, shoulders, and definitely beards of the characters, along with the extravagant colours really go well with the crazy story. It heightens all the emotions from the comedy to the tragedy all the way to what we see at Otto's mansion, which is purely devilish. It’s been consistent throughout the series so far, to which I have to give credit. Even if it’s not my favourite type of art style, it fits the narrative, and to stay consistent is a feat in itself.

Although I do feel that this is the best issue so far of the series, I do still believe that it’s not what I expect from a decorated writer such as Gillen. That is my opinion though. If you are wanting a comic that’s more like the classic Road Runner cartoons, where crazy things happen for no reason, then give this a go. Although if you’ve not started it by now, you’re probably better off waiting for the trade. Image Comics are usually good at releasing collections quickly after the series finishes. So as long as the collection is as good as they normally are, with bonus material, you might be better if with that. For me however, I will see this through to the end. I’m hoping that this hasn’t distracted Gillen too much from his excellent work on Die. He has also been working at Marvel, on the first of the Warhammer line, so maybe he wanted a crazy series to clear his mind before diving deep into lore and history like he has been doing. Either way, as a Gillen fan I’m excited. I’m also hoping for a crazy and slightly more informed ending to what’s been a wild ride of a series.

Ludocrats #4 will be released on 19th August from your local comic shop. As well as comixology

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