ADVANCE REVIEW: "Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6" ends with a whimper of a story

Writer: Sam Maggs, Art: Sweeney Boo, Colors: Brittany Peer, Design & Letters: Christa Miesner, Cover: Sweeney Boo.

Cover Art by Sweeney Boo

Carol Danvers and Nadia Van Dyne were shrunk down by A.I.M. goons and have so far not figured out a way to undo the damage. As Captain Marvel, Carol can’t risk using her powers in this miniature form or else she will cause an explosion that will take out the entire town of Cresskill, New Jersey (it’s real, but I’ve never been there, so I can’t say if it’s spectacular). As it turns out, Captain Marvel was just a test subject for A.I.M. as a part of their new plan, Operation Roadkill, which is to shrink all of the Avengers and then squish them like bugs, being rid of them once and for all. Luckily, Captain Marvel is with the Unstoppable Wasp herself and together with G.I.R.L., they will find a way out of this tiny situation and stop A.I.M. from completing its mission.

This issue begins with a running timer starting at the 1:00:00 mark as Operation Roadkill will be underway at the end of the hour. Rather than do the easy thing, which in my opinion is to notify the Avengers about the imminent threat, Captain Marvel and Unstoppable Wasp fly out to A.I.M. Headquarters to stop Monica Rappaccini. She is the Scientist Supreme of this villainous organization and has appeared throughout Marvel comics since 2005 as the biochemical genius with the utmost knowledge of organic toxins. Yet, here in Marvel Action: Captain Marvel she’s not exactly presented as an extremely brilliant mad scientist. We are given no history on who she is, which is unfortunate.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel is increasingly becoming a child’s comic. I was a fan of the first three issue story arc with Spider-Woman and the flerkins, but this current arc is entirely different. Captain Marvel learns valuable lessons that were taught in sitcoms like Wizards of Waverly Place, Full House and Family Matters. There are also parts to this story that don’t pan out. They seem included just to allow for an opportunity to appear progressive. Apparently, a three issue arc isn’t enough and should be expanded to add one more issue in order to truly tie up all the loose ends and give more of a spotlight to the villains.

While the story is somewhat problematic, the art is just the opposite. Artist Sweeney Boo and colorist Brittany Peer are the saving grace by making the mundane have life and vibrancy. There certainly is much more action in this issue and I look forward to Issue #7 and a new story for the Captain.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6 is published by IDW and is on sale August 5, 2020.

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