Adventureman #3 – Beautiful but boring: a slowing of the story where nothing much happens

Writing: Matt Fraction, Pencils and Colours: Terry Dodson, Inks: Rachel Dodson, Letters: Clayton Cowles. We pick up moments after we left on the last issue. Claire and her family are at the hospital trying to get checked up. Her cuts and bruises along with a crazy story has them worried about her. Being at a hospital, though, means multiple things happening at once, and when an injured officer comes in, Claire jumps at the chance to help him. Her family is now even more confused, as they didn’t hear the commotion. So now not only does Claire not need her hearing aid, she’s developed superhuman hearing, along with a few other enhancements that have both her family and the doctors bemused. What could this mean? How much is she changing? What else will happen? Only time will tell.

It’s been no surprise to anyone keeping up with my reviews that I’ve loved this series so far. The artwork especially, by the Dodsons, has been truly amazing. It’s so beautifully crafted, so neat, and the colouring just adds depth to the beautiful pencils. I’ve not been this bowled over by artwork since I saw John Cassaday on Astonishing X-Men. I love the mix of greens and blues in a lot of the more surreal panels. It gives character and an ambience to each of the beautiful panels. As you can see below, the beautiful blues used not only give a sense of the coldness of the open ocean, but also a harshness of the times that we are transported back to.

It feels like a true honour to just view these amazing panels. There’s something so deeply calming about the structure and colour of them. On a personal note, I will be following the Dodsons and see if I can get some original artwork.

Unfortunately, now I get to what I think would be the weakest part to the issue. That would be its overall structure within the story arc. I think it would be incorrect to blame the writing, as it has been so good. So I think the problem is more down to planning. This issue seems more like a filler issue as nothing much happens, nothing to really further the story until the very end, nothing to really develop the characters, other than the sudden development of powers to Claire. Although it’s still an enjoyable issue within the series, it just seems like we are now waiting for something to happen which is a shame when the writing had been great and the artwork had been exceptional. That being said, I’m still hoping for big things from this great team on what has been a really enjoyable book. I am crossing my fingers that next month we get something more with developing characters and story.

Adventureman #3 releases on 12th August from your local comic shop as well as comixology

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