Adventureman #7 ADVANCE REVIEW: ghosts of Christmas past look glorious in this festive issue

Written by: Matt Fraction, Pencils and colours by: Terry Dodson, Inks by: Rachel Dodson, Letters by: Clayton Cowles.

A long time ago, a cowboy talks to his grandson explaining how his guns glow when danger is around, and how he can help people. Present day, the boy who is now in a retirement facility, explains to his grandson how it was the first time he saw what his legacy was, and how— if he wants to keep being the generation of black Brooklyn cowboys— he needs to pay attention. Meanwhile, Claire and her family are running low on Adventure Serum, and while investigating the city Claire finds an abandoned City Hall full of ghosts. Are they friend or foe, and if Claire runs out of serum, can she even do anything about them anyway?

It’s been just over a month since the last glorious issue of Adventureman. This continues to be a slow burn book story-wise, but the art is absolutely stunning that even with a slow issue, it’s enough to keep you entertained.

It may be a slow issue, but it still feels like it’s setting up a lot. This can be frustrating as we are now 7 issues into the series, already two issues into the second arc, and yet nothing feels established yet. I’m happy to read slower paced books, but there still needs to be something there to keep readers going. With a team ensemble, have the team set up and then explore different dynamics, and how they deal with situations with the villains. Unfortunately we have had only one issue so far that’s really had a team battle, and for an action-adventure book, I fear you’ll lose readers if you don’t keep the energy up.

What I found most compelling about this issue was the subtle hints towards future plot points. I’m hoping I’m not reading too far into this, as I would be disappointed if these threads didn’t go anywhere. While the team are looking to replicate the Adventure Serum, it’s expressed that they only have three left just as Claire drinks another. This causes Urs to tell her to slow down, as she’s chugging them like energy drinks. This I took as possible plot directions for both substance abuse and addiction. Claire could be addicted to the power and responsibility she feels as Adventureman, meaning she’s then taking more of the substance than she should. This could cause issues for the team, as they are still struggling to find the formula. This could lead to interesting developments if the town is in trouble and either Claire can’t be trusted or doesn’t have the serum to grant her the ability to help.

Something else I hope it develops more is the idea of legacy. Currently the series is about legacy heroes, and what the next step is once the originals are no longer around. As Claire and her family aren’t part of the Adventureman lineage, there’s no pressure there. Although with the Crossdraw Kid, he explains he’s a 5th generation black Brooklyn cowboy. The pressure that sits on his shoulders to be a representative for both the hero and his family is enormous. He even talks about no one asking him if he wanted it. This kind of character depth is a strong point of writer Matt Fraction, and I hope this story thread is picked up on, as it would add so much to not just the book, but the character as well.

Honestly I’m lacking for words when it comes to art. The Dodsons keep blowing me away with visually stunning panels and pages that I just can’t help but stare at. There are very few artists that are around today that can do something as consistently as put out content month after month of high quality art. I’ve never seen a book look so visually appealing, and I get a thrill from each page as I wonder how they could top the last.

Adventureman Issue 7 will be released from Image Comics on 15th December from your Local Comic Shop and from comixology


Andrew Carr was blessed to grow up watching the animated series of Batman, X-Men, and his favorite, Spider-Man.This started his dive into the comics world, which resulted in meeting his amazing cosplaying wife Imogen. They live in England with their Sinister Six dogs.

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