Adventureman #8 REVIEW: the old generation influencing the new with more beautiful Dodsons art.

The Dodsons' cover pays a fond homage to The Goonies movie poster by Drew Struzan

Written by: Matt Fraction, Pencils and colours by: Terry Dodson, Inks by: Rachel Dodson, Letters by: Clayton Cowles.

Flashback: Caspar Spettero’s venue was always full of the town's rich and wealthy. They all came here as it was a neutral zone, no one went after anyone there. Police officer, crime bosses, politicians, all there as a guest of Mr Spettero, and none wanted to make waves. Although, Adventureman and the Crossdraw Kid were here to deal with the ghosts. To summon these ghosts, you needed a Summoner and a Conjuror, so they knew exactly what to do. Meanwhile, back in present day, Claire is still getting to know the Crossdraw Chris, with her family all still getting used to her having powers. Whereas the original Crossdraw Kid is telling stories to the new generation about how Adventureman wasn’t the hero everyone thought he was.

Matt Fraction has slowed down the pace again it seems. With only 7 pages dedicated to the past adventures, yet here’s where the information is for the next few issues it seems. The moments of Claire flirting with Chris are interesting for character development, but doesn’t do much for the story. It’s still going at a very slow pace despite us being into the second arc. I also have questions that haven’t been addressed. In issue 6, the family were running out of the formula and trying to recreate it, however nothing has been said, and now Claire is back to using potions like normal.

What I really liked about this issue was how it demonstrated different perceptions. We’ve been shown and told throughout the story that Adventureman was the typical good guy, who always stood for what it right. Although when the original Crossdraw Kid is talking to Chris, he explains that he wasn’t always like that. This I find interesting as even heroes may think they are doing the right thing, but from someone else’s point of view they could be a villain. It just makes you wonder about your life and how you act, if the same could be said about you. So this was a powerful message, yet it was only briefly touched on. I hope we get more about this in later issues, as I think it would round out the character of Adventureman even more.

The art by the Dodsons is impeccable as always. I don’t think there’s a flaw in it. As much as I enjoy the story even of it is a slow burn adventure, it’s the art that’s just excelling every month. Each panel looks glorious in a way that manages to look both realistic and hyper realistic, striking a perfect balance. The moments of them flirting was done very well artistically. The close-ups of their faces as they awkwardly talk to each other just shows how good the art is in this series.

Adventureman still continues to be a good read; the only problem that I have is the same one since the beginning. It feels like everything so far has been a set-up for something big, and we are never quite getting there. I’m hoping with the one issue that this arc has left that something will happen to liven it up a bit, otherwise we have an adventure comic with very little adventure in.

Adventureman issue 8 was released by Image Comics on 2nd March by Image Comics from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology


Andrew Carr was blessed to grow up watching the animated series of Batman, X-Men, and his favorite, Spider-Man.This started his dive into the comics world, which resulted in meeting his amazing cosplaying wife Imogen. They live in England with their Sinister Six dogs.

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