After her "Liberation," Barry finally meets the Mirror Master in this week's Flash S6E17

As much as The Flash is a superhero drama, at its heart it has always been a love story: the love story between Barry and Iris. Two kids who grew up in the same house, were each other’s best friend, and now married soulmates. Throughout the series, we have seen them go through hell and back, and never, ever give up on each other. It’s this steadfast belief in each other and their unshakeable relationship that sees them through every crisis, and is the highlight of this episode, even when counting the cool glass-shard battle scene.

Even across dimensions, the bond between Barry and Iris remains unbreakable

The season-long slow burn to the debut of the tv version of The Flash’s comic book Rogue’s Gallery villain the Mirror Master, finally takes a major step this episode titled "Liberation", as Mirror Master/Eva uses her fractal doubles of characters we know to gather the resources she needs to escape her own mirror prison, where she continues to hold the Real Iris.

Fractal Iris, amazingly continues to avoid detection, even when under the scrutiny of clairvoyant Cecile West and major detectives Nash and Ralph, and some Cisco technical gadgetry. Or does she?

The “hide Danielle Panabaker’s Pregnancy” subplot also continues, and it’s getting more and more obvious they are keeping Caitlin either off-scene, or mostly covered up. This week, she’s under a blanket with a massive cold…like making the entire room cold. She’s dying and it’s a mystery that Team Flash needs to Ralph and Cisco come up with a lifesaving technique that results in a few moments of comic relief and brilliant physical comedy (with a CGI assist) by actor Hartley Sawyer (Ralph).

Plastic man Ralph (ahem) conducts a critical experiment to save Caitlin.

The other tech challenge is the development and creation of an artificial Speed Force, to replace the original that was destroyed in the Crisis. Barry’s speed is all but gone, and he is desperate to get it back so he can find Iris and protect the city. Their gizmo is complete; but will it work?

The final segment of this episode is devoted to a beautifully choreographed fight scene involving mirrors, glass shards, and characters with glossy appendages right out of Terminator 2. It’s a spectacular sequence, that ends with Barry gravely wounded, and a character making an unexpectedly touching and human exit, as another enters.

How will Barry catch the MirrorMaster without his speed? Will Team Flash succeed in creating a new Speed Force? Will Baby Panabaker arrive before the end of the season?

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