The Lokis find all the answers at the End of Time in revealing, stagesetting Season 1 Finale: REVIEW

Warning! Major Spoilers abound for the season finale of Loki: “For All Time. Always.”

So this was it, everything we’ve been building towards. The pieces all fell into place, and the next few phases of the MCU were set up with a mic drop that came with no fanfare. It was a bold move, and one I loved so much I started the episode over just to see it happen all over again.

Let’s recap so we are all on the same page...though if you’re reading this without seeing the episode, then WHAT THE HEL ARE YOU DOING HERE!? Anyway. He Who Remains lays it all out for our Lokis in his Citadel at the End of Time. He is one of many variants of...himself. He discovered the multiverse, found bad versions of himself, those versions started multiversal war, and He Who Remains isolated the MCU timeline and gave it guards in the form of the TVA. Phew, what a keyboard full.

He Who Remains...for now

To top it off, He Who Remains gives the Lokis a choice. Kill him and restart the multiverse, a decision that would bring his variants back for a full scale war again. Or they could let him retire and run the TVA to their own benevolent standards. Naturally, our Lokis are split. I loved this bit as we finally got the chance to see our Loki’s growth come to fruition in this moment. When offered the seat of power in all known times and the Universe, Loki refuses when it could, potentially, lead to widespread annihilation. On the other side of this mischievous coin, Sylvie can’t see past her own rage, a quality she has been running from through the whole series. She wants to be better, but better for what? Her chance at a universe is gone and that absence fuels her lack of trust.

Remember when we only had one timeline?

There’s the rub, right? Loki is a liar, a reformed one —maybe— and Sylvie can’t trust anyone. This makes the decision over what to do with He Who Remains so difficult. The answer only comes when the two share a kiss — I threw my hands in the air with excitement — until Loki is pushed through a time door and back to the TVA. One guess as to what happens next. He Who Remains no longer remains.

Meanwhile, Mobius does exactly what he set out to do last episode: burn the TVA to the ground...metaphorically. Ravonna, blinded by her own inability to see the ramifications of the falsified Time Keepers, must set off on her own, now that EVERYONE knows they’re a variant. I can’t wait to see if the character returns, because her jump from best friend to heartless tyrant connotes some killer stories in the future.

Been waiting on this ship for awhile now

Jumping back to the end of time, we see a singular timeline cracking into thread after thread. The multiverse has begun. The ramifications of this are HUGE, especially given the upcoming Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness film and the purported use of the multiverse in Spider-Man: No Way Home. This season took its time and never deviated focus from its title character, literally introducing new Lokis left and right. The final moments of this episode set us up perfectly for season 2...yeah, you heard me right. At the TVA, Loki runs to Mobius and B-15 spouting about a multiversal war coming and they have no idea who he even is. Uh-oh. Looking to his left, he sees it. We see it. A statue of the ruler of the this Universe. Loki is adrift in the multiverse now, and it is ruled by the man who would be Kang.

So the multiverse begins

I am as recklessly in love with the series as I hope you all are. If you want to learn more about Kang, check out his first appearance in Avengers #8 on Comixology! You can even check out my favorite Kang story: Roger Stern’s Avengers: The Once and Future Kang from Amazon or YOUR LOCAL COMIC BOOK SHOP!

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