Ami and Buzz have a road trip in stylistically stunning Home Sick Pilots #7: ADVANCE REVIEW

Written by: Dan Watters, Art by: Casper Wijngaard, Letters by: Aditya Bidikar.

It’s been 3 months since the old James house went down with Ami and Buzz. They were able to escape before it crashed. They have been on the run ever since. Traveling as far inland as they can go, just to get away from the old James house, which is stalking them from the sea. Ami is being tracked down by the ghosts, as they want her back; after all, she has bonded to them. She’s reluctant to go, but the ghosts know what happens, they can see it. Ami will see the error of her ways, she will want them back, and they will take her back with open arms.

Although it seems obvious, there was no way that Ami and Buzz were dead. It would have been a huge risk, to kill off two of the main characters. With that said, it was interesting to have the beginning of the second arc devoting time to Meg. As I stated in my last review, with the switch of characters' perspective we then can start to look at Ami and Buzz in a different light. I don’t know the plan going forward, but I would have enjoyed that a little more as it would have made us think about how others view the situation. It was nice to get the clarification on the whereabouts of Ami and Buzz though, so this now puts the second arc in a dilemma: do we continue with Ami as the protagonist or do we swap back to Meg?

As always, the writing by Dan Watters was fantastic in this issue. Although it was light on action, it was great with character development. We really get a sense of anguish from Ami and Buzz that no matter how far they go, they can’t outrun their destiny with the ghosts and the old James house. The interactions between them felt very natural after having spent three months roaming from place to place.

The biggest thing to stand out for me with this issue was the artwork by Casper Wijngaard. If you follow my reviews, you may know that I’m a big fan of landscape art. In this issue, with Ami and Buzz traveling so much, we get quite a few landscapes. I loved the one above, as I think it’s a stunning train station, but for me the best one of the book, is the one below of silhouetted shadows and the sea.

Not only is this panel stunning, it also says a lot about the story and the characters. First off, when I got to this panel I couldn’t help but linger over it. Possibly one of the best pieces of artwork I’ve ever seen. I would gladly have a full size version of this in my office. Second, it speaks a lot about the characters. This is when Ami and Buzz are trying to outrun the house. After three months of doing so, you can see by Buzz's body language that he is exhausted, yet in Ami there’s the resultant energy to get away. Truly a work of art from Casper Wijngaard, I honestly believe this is the best the series has looked so far, and I can only hope he flexes more landscape muscle.

Overall, this was a light in action but rich in character drive issue, I’m giddy at the stunning art on display, and I am just left wanting more.

Home Sick Pilots #7 will be released from Image Comics on 21st July from your Local Comic Shop as well as comixology

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