Another gripping twist in the under-recognized and ever-fascinating "Killadelphia #5"

Writer: Rodney Barnes, Art: Jason Shawn Alexander, Color: Luis NCT, Lettering: Marshall Dillon, Editor: Greg Tumbarello.

John Adams has just unleashed his hoards of vampire followers upon the city of Philadelphia. Jose and JJ barely make it out from the crosshairs of the assault. The city of Brotherly Love is in complete chaos with blood running down the vampires' jaws and into the streets. Issue #5 picks up with John Adams reveling in what has happened in the dark and looking forward to the completion of his plan in the approaching evening. Meanwhile, James Sangster continues to have a difficult time adjusting to his new reality.

Artist Jason Shaw Alexander and colorist Luis NCT do a stunningly spectacular job in visualizing this in a two page spread seen below. It reveals the true limbo of darkness he finds himself in is actually far more frightening than anything else he believed before his demise.

In this issue, James must focus on the problem at hand: John Adams and his hoard. With his son JJ and Jose as his only allies, they are all in over their heads. It will take the formation of new alliances to combat this evil that is staved off by only a few hours of daylight. Will the group be able to find a way to stop Adams? More will be revealed in issue #6 coming out in April 2020.

All parties involved in the creation of Killadelphia: Sins of the Father are doing such a great job. I truly believe this is a series that deserves more recognition that it has received thus far. Rodney Barnes is crafting a genuine story here with several side stories that either tug at your heart or make you think. If you were presented with the choice of immortality or mortality, which would you choose? Could you live with the consequences of your decision?

The art and coloring work so well together. I wish I had been an art major so I could get into color theory because I know there has to be some science or semblance of academics behind Luis NCT's masterful work. Even Marshall Dillon's lettering adapts to the scene, emphasizing the horror or loneliness that is seen in the panels.

Killadelphia #5 is published by Image Comics and is available on March 25, 2020.

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