"Arrow" S8E5: Goodbye to Russia, With Love

Arrow S8 E5 “Prochnost”

Oliver introduces Mia to the wonder of trick arrows

“I can dislocate my thumbs…it became a necessity getting tied up in chairs so much.” —Oliver

“You gotta teach me that!” — Oliver’s daughter, Mia

This week’s mission is definitely one that is off-the-Monitor’s-books, since Team Arrow is trying to figure out a way to defeat him. How Oliver is keeping what he is doing out of the notice of the Monitor, who has kept Oliver on a pretty short leash so far, is a mystery.

It’s also a stretch that Team Arrow has figured out a way to recreate the annihilation wave that destroyed Earth-2…all they need is some plutonium and the plans for a Russian superweapon.

Segue to Russia one final time, for one final Russian adventure (and touching farewell) with Oliver’s on-again/off-again tovarisch Anatoly. Mia and William are along for the ride to help steal the weapon plans, but yet another argument erupts between father and grown children about “keeping them safe”…”you weren’t there for us”…OK, we get it. Been there, done that more than once tis season already…let’s move on. It’s a shame precious airtime in this 10-episode final season is being wasted on rehashing dialogue we have already heard. However, we do get a lot of quality father/daughter scenes, with Oliver training Mia, and moving her closer to what I assume will be the Green Arrow identity on the upcoming spin-off Green Arrow and the Canaries.

Oliver receives some surprisingly sage parenting advice from Anatoly

Since it’s a Russia episode on Arrow, then of course it means more brutal cage matches, deadly trials, and drinks with Anatoly. Along with learning that the toast “Prochnost” (the name of this episode) means “Strength,” when Oliver tells Mia and William about his time on the island, we also finally learn that Lian Yu is Mandarin for “Purgatory.” Appropriate.

Diggle recruits Roy to go help him go after the plutonium, and the two spend more time talking and setting up Roy sticking around in Star City, and no doubt popping up on GAATC.

Arsenal and Spartan hunting for plutonium (but mostly talking)

Meanwhile, the Monitor, or someone who looks like the Monitor, continues machinations behind Oliver’s back, recruiting more of his friends to betray him. Including a very close, very unexpected one, leading up to a surprise cliffhanger.

The final season of Arrow airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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