Arrow S8E6: Oliver has his own Groundhog Day; a destiny lesson learned the hard way

"By the way, I pull off short hair way better than you do." --Laurel to double-crossing Lila

This week's stop on Oliver's Pre-Crisis Farewell Tour is Quentin Lance, who was killed last season. The Monitor has decided to teach Oliver a lesson as well as punish him for disobeying and conspiring to kill him: relive the same awful day until he learns the inevitability of his destiny in the upcoming Crisis.

Oliver isn't the only one the Monitor traps in a time loop for schooling; Laurel is along for the painful ride to learn acceptance as well. She gets to watch this Earth's version of her father, Quentin Lance, die over and over in various ways. Actress Katie Cassidy admirably performs some weighty emotional scenes as her character Laurel gets some much-needed closure and acceptance of her father's final fate. Actor Paul Blackthorne was a very big part of Arrow's earlier seasons, and also gets multiple meaty death scenes to portray,

The Groundhog Day homage, titled "Rewind" is very blatant, right down to Oliver waking up next to an old school clock radio each day, determined to put to use the experiences he learned in previous days to get further along in the narrative, which always ends poorly no matter what he tries. The "Bill Murray movie" even gets name-dropped if the homage wasn't obvious enough for everyone. This trope has become a crutch too many writers fall back on.

Discovering how long and deep Lila's involvement with The Monitor runs was disturbing, to say the least. What additional role she has to play in the Crisis will be interesting to see.

The final season of Arrow airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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