Arrow S8E9: a meh backdoor pilot for the new spinoff "Green Arrow & The Canaries"

As Bianca Bertinelli said, after being rescued by GA & The Canaries: “Who ARE you bitches?”

...and are they worthy of their own series?

Episode 9 of the final season of Arrow serves as a backdoor pilot to a potential Green Arrow & The Canaries spinoff, which would take place in Star City in the year 2040, when this and last season’s Arrow flashforward subplots took place. So…who is this new crew that John Diggle (Spartan) called “Team Arrow 2.0”.

Looks like the HQ for Team Arrow 2.0 will be Dinah's clocktower digs

Before Oliver met his fate in the Crisis crossover, he trained his time-tossed grown daughter Mia and gave her the mantle of Green Arrow, complete with her own green hood and bow. Mia’s half-brother William is the head of Smoak Technologies, and the team’s tech guru, like his mother was for Team Arrow 1.0. Laurel Lance/Black Siren is still in Star City looking not a day older since we saw her in Crisis. Dinah Lance (Black Canary) doesn’t look twenty years older either, and her voice is just fine in this new reality’s future…and this canary can really sing! Dinah is living in a massive clock tower above the piano bar she owns. The set-up reminds me very much of Barbara Gordon’s Oracle in the Gotham clock tower (and also on the one season wonder, the Birds of Prey), or Chloe Sullivan’s Overwatch HQ on Smallville. The grown sons of Diggle also are featured, as well as the daughter of Rene Ramirez (Wild Dog).

The trio of women teams up to rescue Laurel’s friend, Bianca, the daughter of Helena Bertinelli, who was The Huntress in the comics and on Arrow. Does this mean the daughter will follow in her mother’s footsteps and join the Canaries down the road, or is this just a fun Easter egg, or a reference to the version of the Huntress character in the new Harley Quinn movie?

Long story short, the new reality created at the end of the Crisis is only remembered by the heroes that were present at the end. But through technological wizardry (Thanks, Cisco), it is possible to “wake” people and make them remember the pre-Crisis reality.

John Diggle’s son J.J. and Mia are together in this post-Crisis world, where J.J. isn’t the leader of the Deathstroke Gang, as he was pre-Crisis. But it would be a much more interesting and exciting series if the DG got its leader back, wouldn’t it?

Who gets “woke” with this CiscoTech? What is the Canaries’ long-term mission? Can this new show survive with these supporting characters now taking on leading roles? Will it be interesting enough to make Arrow fans tune in each week? Time will tell, but this Arrow fan isn’t impressed so far. The Mia character hasn't grown on me, and she still doesn’t seem charismatic enough to carry this show. Dinah is much less passionate and interesting here than she was in every other season and episode of Arrow. Laurel is the only bright spot, doing or saying something interesting in each scene she is in.

The final season of Arrow concludes next week on The CW.

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