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"Assassination Classroom" Index: The End Class Yearbook

What a year that was! The students of Class 3-E, also known as The End Class, but best known as The Assassination Classroom, somehow made it to Graduation, and what a journey it was! Filled with tears, cheers, and then some more tears.

So, if you want to relive this most unexpectedly wholesome of years, read on good students, as class is about to begin!

Just scroll down until you see the retrospective you wish to read, and click on the cover to be taken right to it!

Assassination Classroom Volume 1: Time for Assassination.

Class 3-E, Also known as The End Class, are the dumping ground of Kunugigaoka Junior High. If your grades get too low, or you upset the faculty, you end up in 3-E.

But this is all about to change! With the arrival of 3-E's new teacher: Koro Sensei!

A giant yellow squid monster, with superhuman strength, reflexes, and a top flight speed of Mach 20!

And somehow, The End Class has to kill him, before Graduation. Yeah. This is going to be tricky.

Assassination Classroom Volume 2: Time for Grown-ups.

Class 3-E has another new teacher!

Sadly, her name is Irina Vitch and she's actually a VERY dangerous assassin, specialising in seducing her male victims. Needless to say Koro Sensei is immune to her curvy charms...

Oh, wait, no. He's a huge perv and he's falling right into her trap. Woo.

In other news: the faculty at Kunugigaoka are all terrible, and take every chance to show just how awful they are.

Assassination Classroom Volume 3: Time for a Transfer Student.

Class 3-E has a new student, the first of two transfers trained to be the perfect assassins.

But this first student is... not what anyone was expecting. In fact, she's not even human! She's a robotic weapons platform controlled by a super advanced A.I.

Yet, somehow, she's still not the strangest student in the class. Who knew?

Assassination Classroom Volume 4: Time to face the unbelievable.

A simple contest goes WAY off the rails, as Mrs Vitch's teacher arrives in Japan to bring her home... but Koro Sensei has grown rather attached to her (as have the kids, although they have a harder time admitting it), so they propose a contest, to decide Mrs Vitch's future!

Then, our second transfer student arrives: meet Itoma. He's terrifying. Can Koro Sensei overcome this well-trained psychopath? Probably, seeing as we're not even 1/4 of the way through the series!

Assassination Classroom Volume 5: TIme to Show Off a Hidden Talent.

The baseball game reaches its dramatic conclusion!

Then, we're introduced to another new teacher: Akira Takaoka! But he prefers to be called "Daddy". And, as you can tell by that simple statement, he's an absolute fruit loop, who takes great pleasure in abusing the students of Class 3-E.

This chapter also marks the beginning of one of Assassination Classroom's recurring themes: When all else fails, send in Nagisa!

Assassination Classroom Volume 6: Swim Time!

This volume starts off swimmingly! Aqua lover student Meg Kataoka needs a little help, so naturally Koro Sensei and the rest of the class step up! With an only vaguely illegal plan, which absolutely does NOT involve kidnapping and brainwashing a minor. Nope. Not at all, officer.

We also learn one of Koro Sensei's biggest weaknesses. So that's pretty cool.

Then, to wrap up the volume, exams begin! And we're introduced to one of the worst people in the series: the mysterious and maniacal Shiro!

Assassination Classroom Volume 7: On Island Time.

The best arc in the series begins!

The exams are over and Class 3-E did better than expected. SO well, in fact, that they're being rewarded by the school with a super fancy stay at an island resort, awww yeah!

The class unleash their most baffling complex attempt yet to kill Koro Sensei and claim the bounty... Obviously it doesn't work, but they come pretty close.

And then things get real bad.

Assassination Classroom Volume 8: Time for an Opportunity.

The epic-ness continues! With half the class disabled, the remaining students attempt to infiltrate a hotel full of professional assassins and soldiers.

It goes FAR better than it has any right to, because Class 3-E are freakin awesome.

But, as they slowly fight their way up, taking out poison masters and gun licking nut-cases, one question remains:

Just who is running this show, and why do they seem so familiar...

Assassination Classroom Volume 9: A Shocking Time!

It was all going so well, for Class 3-E.

They fought their way to the top of the hotel, and confronted the puppet master: our old friend Akira "Daddy" Takaoka, who was once more dropped like a bad habit, by the End Class's trump card Nagisa...

But then the class feels the sting of betrayal, as one of their friends, Takebayashi, decides he no longer wishes to be in Class 3-E and transfers out!

But, as always, things aren't quite what they seem, with this turncoat.

Assassination Classroom Volume 10: Time for Robbery.

A tentacularly bad time for all involved.

A simple game of Cops and Robbers, meant to teach the kids Parkour skills, gets a little out of hand as Koro Sensei makes an unwise bet on the outcome.

Then, things go from bad to worse, as Koro Sensei is accused of being a panty-stealing pervert... which is actually pretty easy for most of the class to believe. But it's NOT true, and when the thief's true identity is revealed, it leads to another epic showdown, and the last student takes their place in Class 3-E.

Assassination Classroom Volume 11: Time for Sports Day.

So. Many. Pole. Puns.

It's Sports Day at Kunugigaoka! and of course Asano Jnr wants to use this as an opportunity to crush the End Class.

And so, battle begins! As Asano and his over-achievers pit their might against The End Class, led as always by Nagisa.

Who will handle their pole better? There's only one answer:

Bread is a beverage.

Assassination Classroom Volume 12: Time for the Grim Reaper.

Class 3-E get some super fancy new uniforms! Sadly, they're the only people getting gifts... as someone very important seems to have forgotten that it's Mrs Vitch's birthday... Oh Karasuma, you're so dense.

And then, when she goes missing for three days, the class start to worry that something worse than just a missed event may have occurred.

Class 3-E face their most dangerous enemy to date: The Grim Reaper. The Assassin of Assassins, the killer of killers.. the dude that kidnapped Mrs Vitch!

Assassination Classroom Volume 13: Time for a Little Counseling.

We finally learn why Mrs Vitch is such a Vitch, and Karasuma goes one-on-one with The Grim Reaper!

But things aren't as simple as they seem, as the Reaper has a secret weapon up his sleeve.

And let's not forget: the turncoat Mrs Vitch!

And then, the serious business can start. As the students of 3-E have to think hard about their futures, and what exactly they want to do with their lives, assuming Koro Sensei doesn't blow up the planet...

Assassination Classroom Volume 14: Time for a Teacher Exam.

It's a trip down Memory Lane!

The students are tasked with opening a pop-up restaurant in their isolated classroom. Things would have ended badly, if it wasn't for the long stream of guest characters from previous chapters that show up to try their noodles!

Then, Final Exams have arrived, and needless to say, Principal Asano wants to use this as another chance to show up Class 3-E...

Who, of course, use this as another chance to show how great they are.

Assassination Classroom Volume 15: Time for a Storm.

This chapter starts off with some backstory for the monstrous twat Principal Asano. I don't know if it's meant to improve our opinions of him, but if it was, it REALLY failed.

Then, everything goes wrong really fast, as there's been a snake hiding in the class this whole time, and the viper has decided now is the right time to strike!

But can Koro Sensei really defend himself against one of his students? And more important... has this particular student sort of earned her revenge?

Assassination Classroom Volume 16: Time for The Past.

Are you ready for another trip down Memory Lane?

After successfully thwarting young Kaede's anger, the class confront Koro Sensei. They want answers, and they want them NOW!

Thankfully, Koro Sensei agrees and we finally find out his tragic backstory!

But the question is: Now that the students are away of Koro Sensei's true history, can they really bring themselves to kill him?

Assassination Classroom Volume 17: Time for a breakup.

Nope, they can't.

After returning from Winter Break, there is division amongst the students. Half want to carry on with their mission and assassinate Koro Sensei, the others want to try and save him instead.

In a situation like this, there's only one way to decide: Wargames!

Equipped with the latest in Airsoft gear, the class shoot away all their problems. And the fate of the Assassination Classroom is decided!

Assassination Classroom Volume 18: Time for Valentine's Day.

Who wants chocolate?

Everyone does! Chocolate is awesome. And it's Valentine's Day, so this is the best time to give some out.

Once the students are back from their trip to space, and have a solid plan to save Koro Sensei from his explosive end, they take a momentary break to get all confused and awkward about giving out chocolates for Valentine's Day.

But, hidden in the center of this delicious treat, is something truly evil. And it's not coconut.

Assassination Classroom Volume 19: Time to go to School.

Oooh boy. Everything starts off fairly easy. Koro Sensei decides to make a nice yearbook and begins gathering pictures for it...

But then, suddenly, the Government's final plan kicks in and chaos descends.

The classroom is locked down, the students are locked up and hordes of highly trained soldiers set up a barricade around the school.

All lead by the most deadly and feared soldier in the world... Craig.

Assassination Classroom Volume 20: Time to Graduate.

I hope you've got some tissues handy.

The series reaches its epic and emotional climax, as Shiro and Second Generation slip into the Anti-Koro Shield and confront Koro Sensei and Class 3-E.

But when confronted by two super-powered beings AND while trying to protect his students, can Koro Sensei really win this fight?

And, after, the students finally graduate from the Assassination Classroom.

Assassination Classroom Volume 21: Time to say Thank You.

Koro Sensei is dead, the Earth is saved, and everyone feels like crap about it.

The students attend their graduation ceremony, and Asano Jnr proves he's not a TOTAL dick.

Then, we jump ahead a few years, and see how everyone put their training to good use, to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Koro Sensei would be proud!

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