Barry finds that "Grodd Friended Me" in a disturbing, mindbending way in S6E13 of The Flash

Barry wakes up in a cage, with the early Flash versions of Caitlin and Harrison Wells/Thawne talking to him, like he’s…Grodd?

The color scheme in the mindscape is slightly skewed to the cool side to differentiate it from warmer reality.

But how? Back up a bit to the overly-eager and overly-caffienated young genius Chester trying to improve a piece of tech that Barry uses, with terrible side effects. It allowed Grodd to kidnap Barry’s psyche into his ARGUS mindscape prison. The rest of the ep is Chester’s Redemption Story, and to prove he belongs on Team Flash, even after Cisco’s imminent return.

But why? Grodd claims to have been immune from the post-Crisis mindwipe/reset and also to be rehabilitated. He needs Barry’s help to escape his virtual prison, and actions speaking to the contrary, captured Barry in order to convince him. He wants to be back at home in the Gorilla City that exists on this earth now.

The adventures of Barry and Grodd in the mindscape are beautiful to watch and full of surprises and at least one geekgasm moment. The CGI of Grodd has improved immensely over the seasons, and the attention to detail is impressive.

Anything is possible in the mindscape

Meanwhile, Iris and Eva are still attempting to escape a prison of their own, the Mirror in the McCullough Tech offices. “Fractal Iris”, the copy of Iris that is still running loose in the real world, is deceiving people left and right, pursuing her own agenda. She may not be the only deceptive person in this story, it seems. The slow burn to the debut of the tv version of The Flash’s comic book Rogue’s Gallery villain the Mirror Master, continues.

Nash, the rebooted universe’s last remaining version of Harrison Wells, has been attempting to explain his weird attachment to Alegra, writer for the Citizen. Once again, his plan is sidetracked, this time by an unexpected but familiar source.


• This ep is full of pop culture references, from the episode title. to a nod to Krypton theology, to The Fly horror movie.

• The “Hide Danielle Panebaker’s Pregnancy” games begin…using overly large shirts, monitors, well-placed arms and objects

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