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Batman's Knightmare begins, in "Curse of the White Knight #2" from DC Black Label!

"Batman: Curse of the White Knight #2"

Sean Murphy (art and script), Matt Hollingsworth (colours) & AndWorld Design (letters). DC's Black Label imprint features non-continuity stories with mature themes.

Things are about to go from bad to worse, in the beleaguered city of Gotham. Before they can even recover from the events of Batman: White Knight, a new plague has arisen. Azrael. And this time, he's brought friends along.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #2 hits the ground running, picking up the story of Batman's ancestor, the magnificently mustachioed Edmund Wayne.

Edmund isn't having the best day. After a light spot of breaking and entering, in an attempt to retrieve a ring from his old London home, he finds himself in custody. Off to no doubt spend the rest of his natural days in Newgate prison. But the man guarding him may have other ideas. His name is Bakkar, a member of the honorable Order of St Dumas. He has plans for young Edmund. Plans that don't involve Blackgate, or even England...

But the trouble doesn't stop there, for the Wayne family. As in the current day, Bruce has his first, but definitely not last meeting with a very interesting new antagonist, the wonderfully sinister Ruth. Don't let her appearance fool you, this lady knows enough to destroy not just Bruce, but everyone who has ever dealt with him. And believe me, she'll use it! The only way to stop her, is for Bruce to play along... but let's be honest here, when has Bruce EVER responded well to threats?

Sadly, Bruce's problems don't end there. Because Azrael is onto him now, and with the help of his team: Michael, the Mute Sniper, and Gabriel, the Demolitions Expert, he's out for Bat Blood. And honestly, after their first encounter this issue, I can't help but think Bruce has something of an uphill battle ahead of him.

Overall, another fantastic issue. As I said last time, I was a HUGE fan of White Knight, and Curse of the White Knight is setting itself up to be an even better tale. Between the subtly sinister Ruth, the overtly terrifying Azrael, and behind it all... the vague suspicion that some dark secret from Bruce's family history is responsible for everything that's happening, I just can't wait for the next issue. As someone who has never been a bit fan of the Bat, Sean Murphy has managed to absolutely captivate me, in a way I truly never thought the character could.

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