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Bendis' new Legion shows up for a historic day and a new recruit in "Superman #15"

Written by Michael Bendis, Art and Cover by Ivan Reis, Inks by Joe Prado & Oclair Albert, Colors by Alex Sinclair

The rebooted Legion of Super-Heroes makes their splashy debut in this issue, after that last panel cameo in issue #14, that is. The Silver Age-style cover re-visits that last panel's humor of Superman being more than a little taken aback at the Legion recruiting his son Jon instead of him. In the first few pages, we are also reminded again by both Superman and Adam Strange that Jon is probably smarter than either of them for suggesting the idea of the United Planets--a “United Nations in Space.”

I can’t tell you how enjoyable it was to see all the happy faces of the Legion beaming back at you from their double-page spread first appearance. The 31st century optimism of the Legion has always been a big attraction for me, much like the bright future depicted in the Star Trek franchise.

In fact, the Legion showing up on this particular day is much like the Vulcans showing up to commemorate humanity’s first warp flight on First Contact Day in Star Trek. I can’t help but think this was Bendis’ inspiration for this story and to appropriately give this day and this event its own name, too.

Yet, as happy as this day should be, it’s a sad one for a Dad who is about to “lose his son to the universe” again, much too soon after just getting him back. Bendis and Reis make overly sure we notice how sad and sullen Superman is throughout the story. However, Jon leaving isn’t the only shocking news to get him down. The additional bad news also ties up a controversial anomaly Bendis had created in the Superman mythology. The resolution of the House of Zod is also an interesting one.

This issue brings all the storylines Bendis began to an end. One thing I hope continues is the art by Ivan Reis, who has given Superman a dynamic, powerful, and cinematic top-tier talent that it hasn’t had in what feels like…forever.

Superman #15 from DC Comics is on sale September 18, 2019.

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