Benton’s past is catching up with him in Bliss #6: ADVANCE REVIEW

Written by: Sean Lewis, Art by: Caitlin Yarsky.

Perry finally gets his hands on the memory that might just help bring his dad back to them. All while Benton is now being tortured by Lethe. Her plan is to make him forget everything and just leave him with one memory: the one that haunts both him and Perry. That which makes Perry his son, accomplice, victim, defender, and saviour.

We are drawing very close to the end of this series. Still having the overarching themes of family, forgiveness responsibility, and redemption. Making it a book for all ages and one for the ages. People can take many lessons from it. Where we had a very strict line which Benton crossed and did awful things, we were still able to see the humanity and suffering within him. That’s one thing that’s shown with this. How despite his flaws, he’s willing to do anything to save his son. The lines are completely blurred, so we never get a distinctive good and bad, which is why the characters are so compelling and relatable. None of us can be truly labelled as good or bad; we all have shades of grey. This is why I feel that the writing is so good on this book, we have some great characters, even though we have a very sci-fi setting, it still doesn’t take anything away from how well the characters are portrayed and written.

We also have a very symbolic panel here. Despite it not being a traditional cross like we think of when it comes to Christianity, there is still the idea that Benton is being tied to a cross and tortured. He thought his arc has been sacrificing things for Perry, this just clearly shows that. For me I feel that this book has so many layers to it, from philosophical to religious. There could be so much that I’m missing and could only get on another read later on down the line, which I think would only make the story and the writing so much stronger. Showing the depth of creativity and character development is a wonderful thing.

There was one thing I did find slightly confusing within this issue. At one point there’s 3 different situations happening involving 2 timelines. The present day where Benton is being tortured, and Perry is looking for a way to save his dad. Then the memory that they share of the past, when Perry rebelled after finding out about his dad, then got into trouble. This leads to the answer of what happened to Mabel. As things escalated and happened quickly, I found it confusing. I had to go back and re-read that segment to know what happened, as I wasn’t sure if this was something that happened in the mind of one of them, just as a way to torture him.

On the side of the art, things are looking just as good as they have been in every issue. Caitlin Yarsky’s art looks incredibly beautiful. I especially love landscape panels. So the one above in particular was one of the standouts.

I am truly fascinated at how this will end. I had my suspicions when the book first started, yet it’s managed to both escalate things and slow things down at the same time. I’m very interested in how Benton's arc will turn out, due to his past. Even though the book is heavy on redemption, there also have to be consequences for his actions, even if he did them with the best of intentions. Also how is this all going to affect Perry? There’s now only 2 issues left for them to clear all this up. I’m hoping that this will be done in a well-crafted way, as it would be a shame for a series that’s been so deep on multiple levels to not stick the landing. However I have full confidence in the creative team to pull this off and to create a memorable miniseries.

Bliss #6 from Image Comics will be released on 7th April from your local comic shop as well as comixology

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