"Blade Runner 2019" leaps toward a grand finale in this shocking penultimate issue

Writer: Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Art: Andres Guinaldo, Color: Marco Lesko, Lettering: Jim Campbell, Editor: David Leach.

Cover art by Fernando Dagnino

Eight long years have gone by for former Blade Runner Aahna 'Ash' Ashina. A large majority of which were spent off-world, hiding not only herself, but Cleo, the young daughter of tycoon Alexander Selwyn, as well. This took some getting used to, as Ash is accustomed to being the hunter and not the hunted. After what she knew was only a matter of time, Selwyn made out her whereabouts and moved forward with plans to retrieve Cleo. When Selwyn's plan failed, Ash concluded she would now have to put an end to Selwyn in order to stop the hunt for her, to save Cleo from ever being found. Los Angeles in 2027 is a far cry from the Los Angeles of 2019. Ash's trusted points of contact are scarce. She is vulnerable, completely aware that resources and time are not on her side.

Interior art by Andres Guinaldo

In the previous issue, Ash is ambushed, taken into custody by the LAPD. Believing this to be the end of her hunt, with Selwyn having the upper hand, fortune presents itself in the form of Replicant Rebels. The rebels extract Ash from Selwyn's clutches and take her to a safehouse which is where Blade Runner 2019 #11 begins. It appears Ash may have more in common with the rebels than she realized as her plans align with theirs. As usual, in the world of this Blade Runner, nothing comes easy. A shocking development forces Ash to retrace her history with Selwyn. Something there lies in silent wait for her and we will see the culmination of this cat-and-mouse three story arc in issue #12 next month.

Interior art by Andres Guinaldo

What I have come to appreciate the most from writer Mike Johnson and creator Michael Green is how well they bring this story to life while keeping it within the world of the Blade Runner films. There is the detective with a dark side and a heart somewhere deep within them, running to solve a mystery that has embroiled itself into their life. Artist Andres Guinaldo and colorist Marco Lesko continue to be the dynamic duo, working hard to create a film on the page. They make it impossible not to hear the scenes within the panels. Blade Runner 2019 has been an incredible journey to follow over this past year and a half. Be sure to catch up on all the issues before the big finale next month.

Blade Runner 2019 #11 is published by Titan Comics and is on sale October 21, 2020.

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