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Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Ep 13: The Sword Is Me. Say Goodbye, Zangetsu!

Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War Episode 13:

The Blade Is Me.

Animated by Studio Pierrot.

Created by Kubo "God of Character Design" Tite.

Last week, on the greatest Shonen series, our trip back into the history of Kurosaki Ichigo reached its slightly creepy conclusion! With Masaki on the verge of death from the wounds she sustained in her fight with White, Ryuken desperately searches for anyone that can help her!

Enter Bleach's answer to Deus Ex Machina, Urahara Kisuke. He explains why Masaki is suffering, and the only way to cure her— which just so happens to be binding her soul to that of a Shingami. And, isn't that a stroke of luck, because Shiba Isshin just happens to be standing right there, ready to bind his 200 year old soul to this cute teenager. What a hero!

Back in the present day, Ichigo, now aware of his true origins, is ready to finally forge his true Zanpakuto!

Yes... Blade. Singular...

Soul Society is in a bit of a state. Many of the Captains are injured, and many that aren't have lost their Bankai. And even those that got out of the fight relatively uninjured are keenly aware of one fact: The Gotei 13 do not have the strength to take down the Wandenreich.

So, there's only one solution: Get stronger!

And it's not just the Captains who have work to do. Deep in the Royal Palace, working hard with Nimaiya, Ichigo is working on his Zanpakuto...

And for those who have spent a decade or two with Zangetsu, you might be a little surprised at the final result!

Ichigo, take your Zanpakuto!

The first cour of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War comes to its epic conclusion! It seems like most people had assumed this is where the first arc would end, and I've got to say: Seeing Ichigo finally draw his real Zanpakuto and getting to see his new look in the anime was awesome, then wrapping up the episode, and the cour, with THAT last scene? Perfection.

Overall, this first cour has wildly exceeded all my expectations. The adaption has been spot on, and the show looks better than it ever has. They've clearly spent the time and money to make sure that all those fans who have waited so long to see this final arc aren't disappointed!

BUT. Because, when it comes to Bleach, there is ALWAYS a but.

Anyone that knows Bleach knows one thing: The ending was... well, let's keep this conversation PG-13 and say it was pretty divisive.

And, as we go into cour two and three, we're going to start reaching the parts that annoyed people. Now, a lot of the die hard fans, myself included, have always maintained that Kubo was rushed, and forced to edit/cut a lot of things by Shueisha... and that when the anime returned, we hoped he would be allowed to fix those edits.

And, believe it or not, when it was announced that Thousand Year Blood War was getting an anime adaptation, Kubo hinted that some fights and moments that he'd been forced to cut from the manga would be added back in...

So, I have to wonder... are we going to start seeing that, soon? Because this first cour adapted sections of the manga that pretty much everyone was happy with. But as we start to get into the real meat of the final arc, will Kubo be able to fix his past mistakes, and deliver an ending that satisfies the fans who have been with him since the beginning?

I really hope so. Because so far Thousand Year Blood War has been a dream come true for me, and many other fans. Everything about it has shown a level of love and respect that we have always felt for the series, even when those releasing it seemed hellbent on burying it. I just hope that the series can maintain this level of quality, all the way to its ending.

If you're ready to draw Zangetsu, check out Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War on Hulu/Disney+ streaming NOW!

Or, if you want to start the journey from its very beginning, you can now watch the series in its entirety, also on Hulu/Disney+!

Or, if you want to cheat and read ahead, check out Chapter 480 onwards, of the Bleach Manga, on the Shonen Jump App!

Ichigo looks shocked and confused... what else is new?


Taheg Gloder is a Freelance Copywriter from England. Obsessed with comics and Manga since his teens, he now splits his time between writing comic reviews and retrospectives for POP, and doing reactions on his YouTube Channel, The Dragon & The Hound. He lives alone, because he’s a hermit.

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