Bound to "Coffin Bound" #1

We were lucky enough to receive an advanced review copy of Coffin Bound #1 here at POP, and I'm here to rave all about the excellent new tale being published by Image Comics!

"Coffin Bound #1" Cover A

In a tale reminiscent of Dan Panosian's Slots, our other Dan, Dan Witter spins a yarn about a woman, Izzy, trekking back through her past, whilst being hunted by a killer that is constantly mentioned with an exclamation point, in good old grindhousey fashion.


Dani's art helps paint a clear and horrific picture of the world that Izzy and the rest of the cast inhabit, while managing to keep the tale light enough to be wild fun!


Bear in mind, this book is may seem slightly disjointed at first, but by the final page you find the varying viewpoints that the story is told from nicely lined up to carry you well into the next part of this tale. This story is not for the faint of heart either! Be ready for some gore and violence along Izzy's ride! A far cry from Kirkman's Die! Die! Die!, the depravity in this tale is necessary for character exposition and plot progression in our opening issue.


Is probably my favorite thing about this book.

Who or what is the Eartheater!? Shoot, check it out yourself by grabbing a copy of Coffin Bound #1 in just a few weeks!

Debuting August 7, 2019, you still have time to pre-order this sweet new book from your LCS or favorite online retailers!

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