Carol Danvers is buggin' out with the Wasp in an all-new issue of "Marvel Action: Captain Marvel"

Writer: Sam Maggs, Art: Sweeney Boo, Colors: Brittany Peer, Design & Letters: Christa Miesner, Cover: Sweeney Boo.

"Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #4" cover by Sweeney Boo

After a giant flerkin ordeal in outer space, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel is back on Earth doing normal everyday things like giving driving lessons to a teenager in a sports car. Though, as is the norm, such moments of normalcy only last so long before some other disastrous event comes to pass. As to who exactly this teenager is, you may likely know, if you are well-versed in Marvel Comics. Nadine van Dyne, aka The Unstoppable Wasp is the long-lost biological daughter of Hank Pym and his first wife Maria Trovaya, as well as the stepdaughter of Janet van Dyne. She first appeared in a Free Comic Book Day 2016 issue of of Civil War II, then had two separate standalone self-titled series, but both were eventually cancelled.

"Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #4" interior art

This issue is likely going to follow its own three-part story, much like the first few issues did. As a matter of fact, Marvel Action: Captain Marvel: CAT-Tastrophe Vol. 1 was released containing the entirety of that story on March 3, 2020. Vol. 1 had Spider-Woman as Carol’s best friend and partner in world salvation. Marvel Action seems to be continuing with a theme here of a female ally in each series. As far as differences, artist Sweeney Boo changes up the art style just enough to break the issue apart from its predecessors. The hues remain just as vibrant and colorful as you can expect from colorist Brittany Peer. Story-wise, I can’t say that I am completely captivated by where the adventure is headed. A lot remains to be seen in next month‘s issue.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #4 is published by IDW and is on sale March 11, 2020.

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