Coffin Bound #7: A great debate spoiled by an infuriating oxymoron of artwork

Written by Dan Watters, Drawn by Dani, Coloured by Brad Simpson, Letters by Aditya Bidikar.

After making a promise to Tatter, Taqa goes to watch him box. However unbeknownst to her, a pair of assassins make their way into the venue to find her. After a very brief confrontation she is wounded, and Tatter takes her to get checked out. The only way to save her is a blood transfusion but this will take all the remaining “god” out of her system. If that’s the case, will she be able to continue her quest? Or will she even be worthy of it?

Coffin Bound has become one of the most infuriating books in my pile. We have something here that creates a great debate on what it is to be human, and what price the presence of religion has on people. Yet we also have something that’s given us some of the greatest concepts of art, along with some of the worst art I’ve seen. If it were consistently bad or good, I could praise the fact that it’s kept a constant throughout, however within a single issue we have this crazy dichotomy of artistic aesthetics.

Here we see the two assassins at the very start of the issue. Right away it’s a cool concept of them being a yin and yang, or one being a negative of the other. This is beautifully played out with the art in the first few pages.

However then we get panels like this, which seems to have been a staple for the series so far. This is what I find frustrating about the series, there can be some truly genius moments of art, but it’s quickly followed by something that seems rushed and lacklustre. These panels unfortunately take me away from the story being told.

After the confrontation with the assassins, we then see the next problem I have with this particular issue. As the assassins are yin and yang, the panels are then split into yin and yang. Both with the same artwork but just one being the negative of the other. This again is a fantastic concept to implement, however it feels very confusing when it takes up about a quarter of the book. Everything that happens straight after gets a bit perplexing. It’s difficult to make out what’s going on, and I had to reread that part of the book to get more of an understanding.

Despite these drawbacks on the series and this issue, I’m still enjoying the story. It’s an interesting way to look at both religion and drugs. Although I found this issue very confusing, I still think I understood what happened and it’s now set up a very interesting conclusion which I’ll be excited to read. I would still recommend this book even though the artwork can be very different. The good art and the great story make up for it. I’m very much drawn in also by the moral and philosophical discussions that can arise from such a book.

Coffin Bound #7 released on 7th October from your local comic shop as well as comixology

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