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COLLECTIBLES REVIEW: Hasbro’s impressive "Avengers: Endgame" Marvel Legends figures

Hasbro’s line of Endgame toys and collectibles is impressive in its quality, detail, and multiple points of articulation for twenty-dollar action figures. The costumes and uniforms are screen-accurate, and facial features are all very respectable likenesses to the actors in the film.

The first wave of the extensive Marvel Legends collection features 6-inch tall figures as seen in Endgame: Captain America in his Quantum suit, Ebony Maw of the Black Order, and Ronin, plus characters from the comics: Hercules, Citizen V, Living Laser, and Nighthawk. All packages contain a Build-A-Figure piece of a much larger, highly-detailed Deluxe armored Thanos from Endgame.

The second wave features Shuri from Black Panther, Rescue, and War Machine from Endgame, and comic-based figures Beta Ray Bill, Loki, Union Jack, and Rock Python, all with Build-A-Figure pieces for a larger, deluxe Professor Hulk from Endgame.

Adult MIB collectors and kids alike are going to love these figures!

Hasbro Marvel Legends figures retail for $19.99 (price may vary per location) and can be found at Barnes & Noble,, Gamestop, and

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