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COLLECTIBLES: She-Hulk action figure announced for Avengers Marvel Legends Series

Hasbro's line of 6-inch Marvel Legends action figures has been pretty cool and well-done so far, and it's about to get a long overdue addition with the announced August 2021 release of She-Hulk to the Avengers sub-series.

It's hard to believe that our favorite lawyer-slash-sometimes Avenger hasn't gotten her own Marvel Legends figure before obscure characters like Firestar, Jocasta, and Moira MacTaggert have, but better late than never. Perhaps the announcement of a She-Hulk tv series coming to Disney Plus pushed her release along.

This classic She-Hulk action figure—not the super-massive version in current comics— comes dressed in split and tattered clothing, just after she Hulks out from Jennifer Walters. The figure comes with two sets of hands, open and closed-fisted., and also has two heads, one that looks kinda perturbed, and one that's very angry with irradiated eyes for emphasis. She also comes with multiple points of articulation, and some killer abs.

Like all of Hasbro's Marvel Legends series, the quality of the sculpting, painting, and level of detail is very high for a 6-inch action figure. The only thing I don't like about the 6-inch line is that ALL the figures are 6 inches tall; they aren't proportionate to each other. Everyone knows She-Hulk is at least 2-3 heads taller than most of the other Avengers, yet she is the same height as Jocasta.

The She-Hulk Marvel Legends action figure will release in August 2021 and retail for $22.99. Pre-order yours today at and

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