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COLLECTIBLES: WandaVision gets the Funko Pop treatment!

Black & White versions, color versions, Halloween versions, even Limited Chase Editions will be available for Funko fans this July!

This summer, everyone's favorite collectibles, Funko Pops, will released a line of WandaVision vinyl figures, retailing for around $10.99. Those that will be available but not shown here include a Black & White 1950s Wanda in her apron, a full color 1970s Wanda with baby bump, and a 1950s Black & White Vision in his business suit and hat.

Curiously, the only version of the WandaVision Vision with his full color face is a 1970s variant of Vision in plainclothes, "Coming Soon." There was an Avengers: Age of Ultron version and an exclusive Hot Topic Avengers: Infinity War Vision, but it's very weird that another caped Vision wasn't created with the rest of the WandaVision line.

Each Funko Pop features fine details, accurate painting, and a head that rotates.

Funko Pops can be pre-ordered now at Entertainment Earth

With a clear acrylic stand, Wanda appears to levitate while studying the Darkhold

Also with a clear acrylic stand, White Vision appears to float in mid-air

Also getting the clear acrylic stand floating gimmick is Agatha Harkness in full witch mode

Wanda in her Halloween costume with Jack-o-lantern

Vision in his Halloween costume, with Jack-o-lantern, and Converse sneakers

Captain Monica Rambeau in her astronaut outfit

Limited CHASE Edition 1950s Vision

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