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COMICS HISTORY: 5 Unforgettable Spawn Villains

Over the past 26 years Spawn has seen regular success as an independent title.

Todd McFarlane and the plethora of creators that he has brought in over time have brought to life quite the Rogue's Gallery for our (anti)hero Spawn.

In order to hype you all up even more after the Toddfather's epic issue #300 reveals during the Diamond Retailer Summit, I've composed a list 5 classic Spawn Villains you'll never forget!

5) The Heap

"Spawn #73" featuring The Heap

What happens when you combine a whole lotta trash with Spawn's otherworldly body goo? You get The Heap! When Eddie Beckett gets brutalized over his precious bag of Spawn necroplasm, they fuse to become this colossal servant of the Greenworld!

The Heap was absolutely essential to the Spawn mythos during each of his (its?) incarnations. The reason why this monster gets a spot in the top 5, is due to the fact that Spawn could never truly defeat him, largely in part to him being swallowed by The Heap every time!

Without The Heap's intervention, Spawn would have never met The Mother of Existence, and gained the powers to defeat the dark god Urizen through the power of the Greenworld!

4) Malebolgia

"Spawn #53" cover featuring Malebolgia, Spawn, and Wanda Blake

The big bad of the first 100 issues of Spawn first rears his ugly head in Spawn #1.

Malebolgia constantly sends his minions to pester Spawn in order to run out his timer, so that he may become and unwilling servant to the Ruler of the 8th Circle of Hell, and lead hell's forces in Armageddon.

While he may be the central villain for the first trimester of Spawn, he doesn't often dirty his hands unless forced to.

Unfortunately, things don't really go his way and he ends up losing his head before his plans come to fruition in Spawn #100.

Todd McFarlane hasn't lost any love for his big bad however, temporary Spawn Jim Downing saw his return during his arc as a possessed Freak, but was summarily shut down shortly after his return.

Malebolgia's quick defeats are why, while owning so much power, he is a bit lower on my 'big bad' list.

3) The Twins aka God and Satan

"Spawn #159" featuring The Twins

Before the weird retcon out of the Man of Miracles arc, in Resurrection, we got to see Spawn face down his most powerful foes...The Twins.

From their in(con?)ception, something was always a little off about the Fitzgerald Twins, and while Spawn is handling a plethora of supernatural goodness (vampires, possessed cities, getting his suit stolen, etc., etc.) we see their true nature unfurl through their cruel torture of Cyan.

While many may have thought that a couple of chains through the chest would put them down when Spawn comes to save the day, they simply regain their diety-like powers and lay waste to the planet.

Only once Spawn goes through a godlike rebirth is he able to defeat them in a roundabout way-- by isolating them on their wasteland of an earth intertwined in battle-- and creating a new earth with its previous inhabitants far from their purview.

The Twins were cruelly retconned out of existence as the powerhouses that they were built up to be, and watered down into the stereotypical God and Satan that most folks are brought up to envision.

2) Clown/Violator

Spawn #145 feat. Clown and some guy's tongue

When you think Spawn villains, who else comes to mind other than Clown?!

Throughout the Spawn mythos, Clown has become integral to the character's development, as was his demonic lord's intent.

A character not for the squeamish, Clown is known more for his trickery and guile as a villain on top of his savage disregard for human life.

While he doesn't often steal hearts anymore (literally), his main powerset/plots as a central villain between issues 100-200 involves possession of others in order to break the will of Spawn.

Between Jason Wynn's possession, the Phlebiac Brother circus arc, and his reincarnation during the White Light arc, he constantly uses innocent(ish) humans to break Spawn's confidence in himself as a savior to people.

A villain who can not only cause physical carnage, but break the will of heroes is one to watch out for!

The star of the HBO series, the movie, and a vast portion of the source material certainly deserves his spot as the most memorable on this list, but he has been trumped by...

1) Mammon

Mammon taking/returning Nyx's magic

What shadowy conspirator's machinations have lasted nearly 100 issues before they come to fruition? Mammon, that's who.

A constant theme in Spawn villainy seems to be the use of the somewhat innocent in order to further their plans.

While Clown may have caused direct damage to Spawn's well-being directly, Mammon played the long game: getting minor demons to summon a primordial god, opening gates to hell, ushering in the apocalypse by messing with Spawn's ex-wife's pregnancy, convincing an ancient vampire to bite Spawn, using a witch to separate Spawn from his suit in order to retain control over a portion in order to give to Spawn's miscarried, but not really, vampiric daughter....

There's a lot to unpack, but this Fallen One knows how to play the game. Maybe one day we'll see him on the other side of Limbo.

Mammon in Bear Form

So that's my list of Unforgettable Spawn Villains!

Some honorary mentions go to...

  • Ab and Zab: For all their portal-opening shenanigans.

  • The Redeemer: For trying reeeeeally hard, but losing every time.

  • Jason Wynn: Imagine imagining your skin gone, for like, an eternity?

  • Simon Pure: Those shades were killer.

  • Overtkill: For being the epitome of the '90s


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