COMICS PREVIEW: "OMNI #1" is an origin story without contrived heroics, a decent debut for Humanoids

OMNI #1 Logical-Mathematical, Writer: Devin Grayson, Art: Alitha E. Martinez, Colors: Bryan Valenza, Letters: A Larger World Studios, Cover A: Mike McKone and Leonardo Paciarotti, Cover B: Afua Richardson

"OMNI #1" Cover A by Mike McKone and Leonardo Paciarotti

OMNI is a debut comic from H1―Humanoids' new superhero universe. Cecelia Cobbina is a bright, young medical doctor for Doctors Without Borders in Africa. She is quite literally hands deep in her work when a sudden event causes Cecelia to "ignite." This ignition terrifies Cecelia and leads her down a path full of mystery and intrigue as she works towards figuring out "why" exactly she and many others on Earth are suddenly IGNITED.  The first issue is titled "Logical-Mathematical," which is the first of Howard Gardner's Nine Intelligence Types. Cecelia briefly uses Gardner's theory as a way to explain her newfound abilities. Essentially, she has reached maximum proficiency in all nine IQ modalities. This issue vibrantly sets the rules for reading into her super abilities/modalities whenever Cecelia is in action. Each of the nine IQ modalities is assigned a color. That color will appear when Cecelia is working using that type of intelligence to assess her situation. There is one moment early on in the issue where all nine are in motion, a visual feast for the eyes. The combined efforts of artist Alitha E. Martinez's and colorist Bryan Valenza's work is what makes this issue truly pop. 

"OMNI #1" interior art

Writer Devin Grayson's love of cognitive science is notable all over this issue. Grayson isn't interested in relaying the been-there-done-that origin story of the "woe is me" superhero. "No Capes" is the rule here. These are real people with big problems caused by a chaotic world and exacerbated by the stubborn. Cecelia's agenda is to find other IGNITED - mostly to quell her loneliness - as well as journey to discover why they're even igniting to begin with. The ignited are more in the vein of collateral damage. The real victim is the planet Earth. With piqued interest, I hope to see more of Cecelia's abilities ethereally manifested with each issue as it makes for great visuals.

OMNI #1 is published by Humanoids, INC., and is on sale on August 14, 2019.

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