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COMICS RETROSPECTIVE: A Goddess Rises! In Thor (2014) #1-4.

Updated: May 28, 2020

Thor (2014) Issue 1, Cover 1.

Written by Jason Aaron. Art by Russell Dauterman.

Previously on "Jason Aaron enjoys torturing Thor way too much":

Original Sin!

Bad things are happening in Marvel world! It seems everyone's favourite war criminal Nick Fury has been something of a skalliwag, in his spare time. In his position as "Watcher on the Walls" he's been intercepting threats that he thought the Avengers would be unable or unwilling to stop, and handling them.

And by handling them I mean shooting them lots, with really big guns.

Unlucky for him, borderline sex-pest and hat makers wet dream Uatu The Watcher saw him do this. Because seeing things is kind of what he does.

This doesn't sit well with Ol' Nick, and Uatu ends up a bit dead...and eyeless.

Naturally, the Avengers reluctantly decide to step in and give Nick the thrashing he so richly deserves.

One small problem. Having popped one of Uatu's eyes (GROSS), Nick is now in possession of all of Uatu's secrets. And armed with these weapons, and a War Suit to rival Lex Luthor's, he pretty much lays waste to the Avengers. D'oh! So they call in their trump card, their ace in the hole.

Their God of Thunder.

This goes REALLY well; Thor does what Thor does best and smashes Fury with a big freakin hammer. Then Fury, ungrateful soul that he is, decides to take Thor off the board. Forever. He leans in close, and whispers one small sentence in Thor's ear.

Mjolnir falls from his grasp, Thor has something of a meltdown...

And that's where we find him now, Mjolnir is still in a crater on the moon where it fell, since no one has been able to move it. Thor hasn't left the site in days, just kneels there, trying to move the hammer, shouting at it, shouting at himself, and generally having a bad old time of things:

Not a happy puppy.

But just because Thor is out of commission, it doesn't mean that the denizens of the Nine Realms are safe.

Malaketh is still out there, doing very Malaketh things. Roxxon are still up to no good, and now they have the skull of Ymir, greatest king of the Frost Giants. And speaking of the Jotun... They've invaded Midgard, tipped off by Malaketh about the location of said severed cranium.

So, yeah. Things are looking pretty grim for the people of Earth and all of this without their favourite Hammer Swinger to stick up for them. Whatever will they do? They need a hero, to step up and save them from the rampaging hordes of Giants and Dark Elves and Evil CEOs.

They need a protector.

They need...

They need THOR!

But who is this new Goddess, and how is she worthy to wield Mjolnir?

Why this book is so good:

This is where our adventure through the Aaron Saga gets a little rocky. God of Thunder is a legendary tale, that will stand the test of time. The last few arcs of Mighty Thor all stand up to that heavy legacy.

This book, and the arc or two that follow? Not so much.

This first miniseries isn't by any stretch BAD. The writing is still solid, Dauterman's art is freakin perfect and he's a worth successor to Esad Ribic's work in God of Thunder. However, it just feels like Aaron had this grand idea for his run: The God Butcher Saga, Unworthy Thor, The War of the Realms, King Thor. Perfection.

Then he was told he needed to pad that out a bit. So we got these first few arcs. In which we get to see Lady Thor struggling to acclimatise to her new role, while the Odinson acts like an angry child towards her, and Odin acts like a monumental tool all the live long day (although to be fair, that's always been the case).

Her first attempt at heroics is solid. She fights trolls, and dispatches them with fair ease. Has a bit of a clash with the Odinson, and we learn that while Lady Thor has his power, she also has his classic weakness: If she's separated from the hammer for too long, she will revert to her human form. Oooooh, jeopardy! Don't worry though. Pretty sure this fact is only mentioned a handful of times in her whole tenure.

Also, the Avengers all get frozen...

So, while I will defend The Mighty Thor to my dying breath, even I will admit that these first few arcs are pretty rough. But oh man, when it gets going, it's EPIC. Just you wait!

Join me next week when we wrap up Thor (2014) and the mask is removed, to reveal just who the new Thor is! (I know, we all know who it is. This is a 5 year old book. But pretend with me!)

If you want to read along with me, you can find every issue of Aaron's Thor Saga on Comixology, Amazon, or better yet, at your local comic store!

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